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No more faddy diets or nutritional nonsense

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Sugar alternatives that are still sugar!

Sugar is sugar- no matter what form and sugar alternatives will not help you lose weight.

Extreme Detox diets

These are not realistic diets! When we talk about KSFL detox there is nothing drastic about it – we are all about natural and healthy foods and cutting out processed nasties.

Cutting all carbs

There are different types of carbohydrates – for example vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes- these are good for you and shouldn’t be cut out of your diet.

You should eat more of ‘X’ because it’s a ‘superfood’

You should eat the foods that give you all of the nutrients you need including a varied diet.

Protein supplements are essential

Almost all Brits consume over the recommended protein requirements each day. The body cannot store huge amount of excess protein.


Don’t worry you are not on your own.
Generally trying to get it all back together after summer
is not that easy and we have so many programmes on
Kick Start you may
not be sure where to start so heres a little idea for you.
I have a free private Facebook group where you can start to get yourself back on track
with some ideas and accountability.
Myself and Lauren – my assistant – are in there with advice and help, recipes and plans every day
to help you back into a healthy lifestyle.
Come and get involved.
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