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Kick Start Coach of the day Sarah-Jane Smith Kick Start Lowestoft

Who is Sarah Jane Smith? Sarah is the coach for Kick Start Lowestoft as well as: ?Health & Fitness Expert ? KSFL Transformation Coach?Pilates Teacher?BrainFit Coach ? Her friendly and approachable personality makes her a wonderful mentor and her years of teaching in mindful technique make her a professional of wellness.     She is

Coach Of the Day Today is Danni Evans Basecamp Health and Fitness Kick Start Ellesmere

Coach Of the Day Today is Danni Evans Basecamp Health and Fitness Kick Start Ellesmere Specialist in Group Exercise sessions, Strength & conditioning and fat loss nutrition, Danni is a driven individual who attends fitness events throughout the UK!   See behind the scenes of our last Basecamp Fitness event: ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFO info@basecamp-ellesmere.com http://www.basecamp-ellesmere.com

Kick Start Coaches of the day Kelly and Jay Cambridge

Kelly and Jay are the team behind Kick Start Cambridge. Their club has had some fantastic results, based in Burwell, and offer a large range of classes: Platinum, online Kick Start, Live Kick Start, Fitness Pilates, Mums and Tots, Interval, Body Blitz and much more. Both are fitness trainers as well as instructors and even

Kick Start Coach of the day Lindsay Warlingham

Lindsay is Coach for Kick Start Warlingham Total Body Fitness! Total Body Fitness offers a variety of classes in the Caterham, Whyteleafe and Warlingham areas. TBF offers the ultimate training programme to help you achieve the results you want.Ranging from outdoor and indoor bootcamps, Boxing, HIIT classes, LBT, Fitness Pilates and Yoga.   Lindsay is

Kick Start Coach of the day Andrea Leeds

So who is Andrea? Andrea is the Coach for Leeds and Abfabfitness, a healthy eating chef extraordinaire, lover of the outdoors and animals and a fantastic mentor ! Her mission? “Changing people’s health, shape and mindset, one meal/workout/day at a time.” Andrea is a specialist in everything natural; beauty, food, and is also a menopausal

Kick Start Coach Of the day Kelly Sutton Coldfield

Kelly is a busy mum and Fitness Professional of Keep Fit With Kelly Kick Start Sutton Coldfield.   Kelly has inspired many women with her own transformation story “I help women who want to improve their health and fitness to get the healthy lean body they desire!” and continues to run a successful club with

Kick Start Coach of the day Natalie Gibraltar

So who is Natalie Hill? Natalie is the coach for Choose Fitness Gibraltar Kick Start and has had some of our biggest results stories!Since 2005 Fitness Instructor Natalie Hill has always worked to inspire her clients to reach their fitness targets with a variety of fitness disciplines. Natalie’s launch nights are notoriously well planned, sold

Coach of the day Paula Stockport

Who is Paula? Paula’s Mission since 2013 when she launched her Kick Start club: “I will help educate my clients into making & achieving lifestyle changes in both nutrition & exercising as well as motivating & supporting them to achieve their goals in body fitness.” And since then her results have been fantastic! Her caring,

Kick Start Coach of the Day Fran Orpington

Who is Fran? Fran is a Super woman! Fire Fighter, Mum, Grandmother and coach of Flin’s Fitness KSFL Orpington. Fran’s passionate personality shines through – she juggles all this and still runs an unbelievably successful club where her loyal members and fellow team (including her daughter) create and run successful charity events and thriving classes.

Kick Start Coach of the Day Michelle Redditch

So who is Michelle and what does she do? Michelles mission is to: “Change lives by making exercise fun and addictive. To motivate, inspire and guide anyone to fitness and a better quality of life.” Michelle launched her club in 2016 after following Kick Start for a number of years before. Michelle puts her heart