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I am launching a new online programme and I’d love you to get involved!

Online Fitness Pilates For Christmas Programme with 14 Fitness Pilates, Brainfit, Meditation, Foam Rolling home workouts and a special Kick Start Christmas Damage Limitation  Nutrition Plan to follow.   *** Begin on 1st December 14 brand new stress reducing home workouts – full of ideas for your FP classes 14 day Nutrition – How to eat,

Are your dreams suffering?

There’s nothing quite like a good dream but unfortunately, dreaming is becoming a lot more scarce, according to what one doctor is calling a “dream deprivation” epidemic. This then leads to health issues. A severe lack of sleep is silently leading to many health issues, from diabetes and obesity to depression. There are the obvious problem-causers, alcohol

Kick Start Side dish swaps

Are you struggling with side dishes for dinner? Need to swap out your chips for something healthier? We have just the recipes for you:   We hope that has given you some ideas today! Share your food pics with us on our Facebook page HERE

Get creative with cauliflower

We love cauliflower as its such a versatile veg- here are some creative ways to use it in your cooking:   Try these out and share your #foodpics with us @KSFLUK

Rachel Holmes Kick Start January Tour Dates Launched

Rachel will be travelling the UK talking health, wellness and fitness at local events; learn how KSFL can change your life! Our events include an introduction from the coach, health talk from Rachel Holmes, clean eating Kick Start buffet to sample the foods and offers on the night.   We hope you can join us:

60 day results from Kick Start Warlingham

Lindsay of Kick Start Warlingham has shared with us her fantastic results from her recent 60 day programme this week. The results are brilliant with a group weight loss of over 10 stone WOW!!   Read their stories below:   Lesley: “Well I did it, completed the 8 weeks of healthy eating, I have to

A new programme focusing on not just nutrition and fitness but women’s health; launching in the UK

Press release 7/11/17 A new programme focusing on not just nutrition and fitness but women’s health; launching in the UK   A new exciting programme “Kick Start Prime” is set to launch in the UK for 2018 created by, Fitness Presenter, Rachel Holmes. “This is about more than just fitness; focusing on food for health

Tina lost over 12lbs in 3 weeks with Sal Downham Market

Tina’s results: 12.5 lbs and 10.5 inches lost in 3 weeks. Read her story below: Sal’s first group in Downham Market have seen fantastic results so far, here is the first from Tina: “I was a carb heavy, snacker, tea belly 3 weeks ago , this non meat or fish eater is ‘12.1/2lb’ off &

What does nutrition and exercise do to your brain?

The link between exercise, nutrition and health are no secret.  They include weight-loss, reduced risk of stroke, reduced risk of heart disease, and reduced risk of diabetes and other health problems.     But did you know that regular exercise may positively impact memory and learning too?   How Does Exercise and Weight Loss Help

Unexpected effects of weight loss

Losing weight does far more to your body than you may think! Dropping just 5 to 10% of your body weight can improve your overall health and reduce your risk for chronic conditions. Here is what Kick Start can do for you : Your energy levels improve A big boost in energy is often the