Patricia got her IBS under control, stopped cholesterol tablets and feels more energised that ever

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Patricia’s story: The saying “life begins at forty” could not be farthest from the the truth in my case. In the run up to my 40th birthday little did I know that it would be beginning of a catalogue of health problems.  As a working mother of four, I had always managed to balance work and family life quite successfully, and even found some “me time” to attend keep fit classes once a week.

In my late thirties I noticed that my energy levels were dwindling and was finding it very difficult to get through the day.  I thought it was the ageing process, but then I could see friends and other mothers still being as active as before, I began to think that maybe I was becoming lazy. During this time I was comfort eating and of course started to put on weight.
I decided to go to the doctors when I started having extremely heavy periods which would last for about nine days. I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. This was the beginning of a downward spiral.  After some years of being on treatment I started to experience chest pains and severe hot flashes. I was then diagnosed with Hashimoto and consequently an early on set of the menopause, by this time I had piled on the kilos and reached my highest weight of 82 kilos. I was also suffering with Irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.
Soon after my 50th birthday I had to under go spinal surgery. Some years later I was diagnosed with nocturnal hypoxia which meant I needed oxygen during the night.
I am now fifty nine and have been retired for two years, and one day reflecting on my life, I knew that I needed to put a stop to my health decline and that I had to take control.  My eldest daughter had done the KSFL programme and seemed so happy and enjoying her workouts and meals as she lost weight after her third baby. With her encouragement I too embarked on a 90 day KSFL programme.
This was one of the best decisions of my life, not only have I lost 10 kilos but most importantly I have the IBS under control, I have stopped the cholesterol tablets, I have managed to keep the diabetes at bay.  I feel much more energised and I have learned to enjoy my daily workouts.  I love my meals and enjoy experimenting with new dishes.
I am much more self confident and have gone from wearing big jumpers and leggings to wearing size 12 skinny jeans.
My husband loves my new found confidence and even my youngest daughter likes my new clothes now.
At the moment I am very happy that my second daughter who has similar health issues to me, has made the decision to also embark on the KS Prime programme.
I would recommend this programme to anyone who wishes to make life style changes. I have tried many other diets in the past and found them to be unsustainable.
I will be 60 in March and I am hopeful that with support of my family and the KSFL programmes I will be able to say that in my case “life begins at 60”.
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