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Just wondering do you still want to lose weight?

Are you still not quite “feeling it” with
your fat loss?

Did you get to where you really want to be?

Did you set goals in January that have fizzled away? This happens so easily!

Day to day life has a way of getting in the way!

I’m always trying to improve
how we deliver & offer Kick Start
and so many people need more flexibility,
as to when they can jump on and of the programme.

In 2018 offering variations of the plan both in
live clubs & online is crucial to our KSFL’ers

We can then really help MORE people understand
clean eating, hormones, HIIT Training and getting
of sugar.

Once you have these cracked this,
the bodyfat & inchloss really
starts to drop.


MIndset coaching, positivity and feeding yourself
loving thoughts is also CRITICAL in helping you achieve
those amazing results.

We now have some fantastic courses that focus on different goals for example ‘Prime’ for your health and ‘Lift Lean’ for body strengthening and tone.


My Daily affirmation today is

“ I am in Love with myself and its is RAD” which I’m
totally loving today. (FROM Gabrielle Bernstein)

if you really are ready to make the change then it is time to get into gear and make it happen!

Have a wonderful day!

Rachel xx


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