4 Reasons To Use Dumbbells as Part Of Your Workout

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4 Advantages of Dumbbell Exercises:

1. Dumbbell exercises can be more joint-friendly than their barbell equivalent.

The dumbbell version tends to be a bit more elbow and shoulder friendly because you can have more natural movement since your hands aren’t fixed in place; you can turn or rotate them as you press.


2. Great for home workouts.

Some people want their own home gym and dumbbells take up minimal space.



3. Allows for unilateral training ensuring both limbs do the same amount of work.

If you have a strength imbalance then dumbbell exercises can help minimize this.

4. Some exercises are safer when performed with dumbbells.

For example, if you’re doing reverse lunges with dumbbells and lose your balance, you can easily toss the dumbbells. If, however, you were lunging with a barbell on your back and lost your balance, you could risk getting injured. PLUS they add an extra level to any exercise you do!


Here is a great workout to try today:

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