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Lift Lean 9 With New 5:2 Diet Starting Monday 11th June   Online With Rachel Holmes

Use code JUNE for a discount.

Kick Start Lift Lean Project with new Kick Start 5:2 Nutrition – Wellness & Weight loss starting online with Rachel Holmes.

Everytime run these programmes  I update the information and nutrition protocol with more evidence-based nutrition.

Nutrition and weight loss is updating again and we really are only at the beginning of phenomenal changes. I love to work the new information into all of my work.

The Facebook group is now open and this weekend we are getting prepped and ready to start on Monday

  • New Kick Start Weightloss food plan if you are looking to lose fat.
  • A new wider shopping list with a larger food choice.
  • Daily recipes plus sweet treats and savory snacks you can include in your plan.
  • Vegetarian and Pescatarian options and meat free days.
  • Daily workouts taking 12 minutes MAXIMUM
  • Personalised Nutrition.

What Is The New Kick Start 5:2 Diet Plan?

Do you find it easier to have great eating habits during the week but then it all falls down at the weekend?

Learn “macro borrowing” where you lower your macros in the week using various methods such as carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and keto and then relax your nutrition at the weekend.

With the right tools, coaching, methods, behaviour change and adherence tips get out of the cycle of severe restriction in the week and binging at the weekend.

This is Kick Start real-world nutrition where certain foods are not demonised. But understand which foods take you closer to your health goals and how YOU can fit it around your lifestyle

The Kick Start 5:2 Diet Is Real World Nutrition, Wellness & Weightloss.

This is the 2nd Kick Start 5:2 as the results in the last one were fantastic!


I am in the Facebook group LIVE every day with daily coaching, motivation, the latest tips, goal setting, time management and how to get more done in less time.


Everybody loves  to start a new plan, programme and regime The novelty of taking control and beginning with an excited group with amazing expectations is always a major high but that’s the easy bit it’s staying motivated  to the end. And its my job to motivate you to be able to do just that.

Are You Stuck In A Training Rut?

Are you stuck in a food rut?

Are you stuck in a body image and body confidence rut?

Do you want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness & endurance?

The Kick Start Lift Lean 21 Day March Programme With The 5:2 Diet

You will need:

Kettlebell – All supermarkets have these or buy online

Barbell – Argos ones are fine or just use weights

Dumbells – Supermarkets/Argos/Online

You can do the workouts at home or in the gym

Check out the first 14 day workouts:

Day 1 Lower Body Legs Lift Lean

Day 2 Upper Body 30/30/30

Day 3 Complete Body

Day 5 TOTAL Training

Day 6 Barefoot Warrior Kettlebell Workout

Day 7 Dynamic Fitness Pilates

Day 8 Body Blitz

Day 9 40/40 Split

Day 10  12 minute LEG BURN BLAST


Day 12 Super Body Weight Activation.

Day 13 Total Body Band

Day 14 HYBRID Training

 Ready to rock?

Its £67  but use code JUNE for a discount


You will get access to the Facebook Group where I will be uploading the workouts and instructions.

QUESTIONS ? message me ASAP

Let’s GO!!!!

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