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20 Tips to BOOST Weight Loss Today

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Here is a quick 1 minute read of my top weight loss tips…
Go for it and start today…not tomorrow….not when you get back from holiday!
Right Now This Minute!

1: If it says LOW FAT on the package it’s screaming  low nutrients & hidden sugar that will keep you on a  blood sugar roller coaster all day..
Tip – Bin ALL low fat / packaged /processed food

2: Stick to 3 meals per day no snacking made up of  meat / fish.  Loads of green vegetables & FATS to control & level your blood sugar.
3: Train first thing in a fasted state. Eat your first meal after working out.
4: Eat a protein & fat rich breakfast as your first meal. Ditch all cereals even if YOU “think” they are healthy.
5: Ditch the dairy for fat loss. 
Up your green veggies & fats every meal for calcium & fatbusting nutrients.
6: Do a daily 10minute HIIT workout. Make it as intense as possible. Go all out – Join me every morning on Facebook Live.
7: Sugar is the enemy NOT fat. It’s highly addictive for the brain
Cut it out & watch for hidden sugars in tinned/packaged/processed food & drink.
8: Intermittent fasting for 18 – 22 hours is useful tool to rest the digestive system & get the body utilising your fat for fuel.
9: Get a slow cooker & use your microwave less. Microwaving food  changes the molecular structure of food & damages nutrients.
10: Cook with Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Kick Start Coconut oil & dress your food with high quality virgin olive oil from a glass bottle
11:Rotate your meats & fishes every day. Don’t eat the same food day in & day out.
12: Stress makes you retain weight!
The body releases more cortisol into bloodstream which is the fat storing hormone.
13: Take time to work on what exercise you enjoy most so you are more likely to stick to it.
14: Ditch cows milk. Substitute with Almond or Hazelnut milk.
15: The more toxic the body is – the more we retain excess weight.
Detoxify the cells & liver first by eliminating wheat, gluten, dairy, alcohol
Eat clean unprocessed foods for 7 days for detoxification slowly add foods back into the diet to see how you respond.
16: Positive thinking makes you thin!
Change your thoughts & banish negative self chat.  Start your day with positive affirmations & 5 minutes meditation.
“Today I choose to eat clean unprocessed foods”
17: Fruit is the most heavily sprayed crop with pesticides.
Pesticides cause toxicity, messes with your thyroid & hormones.  Choose organic & seasonal if possible.
18: Good quality sleep is key for fat loss. Switch of all phones, stand by on TV & all electronic items. Sleep in a bat cave.
19:LOVE MORE. Hug, cuddle, love and kiss more people every day. Humans NEED touch & the heart needs love.
20: Limit alcohol if you want to get cortisol levels down. Alcohol raises cortisol. Drop the booze if you want  to drop body fat.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog and found it useful!

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