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KSFL Raw Banana Brownie Parfait

You KNOW we just LOVE to create clean sweet treats here at KSFL. Eating clean, healthy & fatburning food is never dull or boring. Cooking your own gorgeous food from scratch is the perfect way to stay on track. So feast your eyes on these beauties. RAW BANANA BROWNIE PARFAIT Simply yummy x Thanks to

KSFL Clean Key Lime Pie

How scrummy does this look? And the good news is its clean- no sugar, wheat, gluten or dairy The even better news is its packed full of good fats making it just perfect for a KSFL treat meal ; all the flavour, none of the guilt. And its easy to make whereas ‘normal’ key lime

KSFL Sweet Potato Brownies

2 medium/large sweet potatoes 14 medjool dates- pitted 80g ground almonds 100g buckwheat or brown rice flour (I actually used Doves Farm organic gluten free self raising) 4 tbsp raw cacoa powder pinch salt Pre heat oven to 180C (fan 160) Peel sweet potatoes Cut in chunks and steam for about 20 mins until really

KSFL Clean Chocolate Brownies

    Pulse the pecans in food processor until they are crumbly Add dates and cacoa Blend again. Place in baking tray (it will be reeeeally sticky!) Freeze for an hour Store in fridge   So simple!!!! Take a photo if you make these 🙂 Thanks to Andrea Riddoch of Kick Start Fat Loss Leeds

Double Nut Dark Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting

OMG How amazing does this look? Perfect For An Easter Cake     Double nut dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberry frosting…. mouth watering…isn’t it???At the end of the day CAKE is CAKE… and you should not eat the whole thing!!…but simply by substituting flour and sugar with almond flour and honey you can make

Ginger Goji & Pecan Raw Chocolate – Recipe Idea

Kick Start Ginger Goji & Pecan Raw Chocolate Created by Mairi Taylor   Once you have made and tasted your own raw chocolate you will never touch a bar of chemically processed “chocolate” again! These are the ingredients in my Raw Ginger Goji & Peacan Chocolate:                 You

Raw Berry Chocolate

With Mothers Day just around the corner here is FABulous clean sweet treats recipe to try out. Home made chocolate is so much more healthy than any mass manufactured versions, why not give it a go?     Huge Thanks to Mairi Taylor KSFL Franchisee for Barrow Tweet us if you make it @RachelHolmes

Kick Start Coconut Flour Pancakes

    Thanks to Kick Start Fat Loss Chester for this graphic and recipe idea HAPPY PANCAKE DAY Love Rachel x

Kick Start Fat Loss Clean Dark Chocolate Cake

A HUGE Kick Start Favourite Here it is the recipe you have all been waiting for THE KICKSTART CHOCOLATE CAKE…… ONLY FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS! ingredients: 150 gr walnuts 150 gr almond flour 200 gr best quality cooking chocolate (I used dark and green) 1 tbsp raw cacao powder 225 gr grass fed butter 3 tbsp