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Morning BOOST Recipes from Kick Start

Do you need a real BOOST in the morning? These recipes include super foods and are packed with protein to provide long lasting energy. Try out these great recipes from Kick Start:   ✅For more recipes and an exclusive 15% discount off our online programmes- sign up to the newsletter: Kick Start Newsletter Sign Up

Lose the bloat KSFL Juice Detox Offer

Would you like to lose the bloat and feel less inflamed this week? 7 Day  JUICE AND SALAD DETOX JUICE AND SALAD DETOX Plan on OFFER TODAY for half price using the code  JUICE get the full 7 day plan for only £10 Try it for 3 / 5 or 7 days and see the

NEW Fruit Smoothie Favourites with the Nutri-Fit

We have been playing with our brand new Nutri-Fit and making some lovely new fruit smoothie recipes! Andrew James Nutri-Fit Nutrition Extractor Blender   This little beast has been so much fun to play with- I have been making nut butters, smoothies and plenty more treats. The attachments are brilliant allowing me to whip up

The easiest way to start Juicing

At Kick Start we are great lovers of juicing for a number of reasons: Juicing allows you to increase your intake of green vegetables without piling your plate high. They are perfect for on the go- breakfast/lunch/snack. They are a fun to make so get the kids involved! They are a great way to stay on

Green Spinach Juice

As so many people have had Juicers for Christmas I’ve had lots of requests for Juice Ideas & Recipes so here you go Want To Buy a Juicer In The Sale? Here are my reviews 🙂 Fast Juicer From Salter Click here Fizzy Juicer From Juice Land Click here Nutri Pro Click here More Juice

Fast Juicer from Salter

We were extremely happy to receive a new juicer today from Salter and WOW it is fast! This one is perfect for speedy juicers as it is far faster plus no chopping needed!   Model: Salter 800w Whole Fruit Juicer Price: £99.99 Website LINK       This one was very different from the slow juicers

Fizzy juices with Juiceland

We have been making some fabulous fizzy juices today with our new red, futuristic looking juicer from Juiceland today! This one is really different to the others we have used so far so we thought we had better tell you what we think! Model Omega Sana Juicer EUJ-707 from Juiceland Price: £329.00 See us using it

NEW KSFL Cloudy Lemonade recipe with our Juicy Retreats juicer

We have been juicing up a STORM here at KSFL using our super duper Ultra 8000s slow juicer from Juicy Retreats! This juicer looks so funky in the kitchen with its glossy red finish and juices up a treat! All the parts detach easily for cleaning with a little brush to reach the small corners,

Slow Juicing with the Optimum 600

Recently during our KSFL Nottingham Pop Up we have been juicing like we have never juiced before! We have been making batches for large groups of people and have really learnt the ins and out of this fabulous machine from Froothie! The machine is SO easy to put together despite it looking complicated at first

Nutri Pro 1000 speedy smoothies for on the go!

Today we used our Nutri Pro 1000 from Salter to make a NEW KSFL smoothie recipe! It was so easy to put together and use so check out our review! It came with extra storage cups and lids which are really useful for a smoothie on the go. Then to use it you simply fill