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KSFL Leftover Fridge Favourites

Here is a quick KSFL Leftover Fridge Favourites Blend… You can use your leftover fruit and veg to make a quick breakfast or lunch and by experimenting you will find something you really like! We used: Cucumber Courgette Green Pepper Celery Blueberries Raw Broccoli A squeeze of lime Kick Start Coconut Oil Water I know

Balancing Body Breakfast Juice From Kick Start Fat Loss

Here is another one of our famous Juices. This is The Balancing Body Breakfast Juice and its a wonderful Juice to start your day with. You can whizz this up in a juicer / blender I have a Vitamix which really does the trick Have a go an see what you all think?   Who

Kick Start Detox Blend

I keep experimenting with different blends of vegetables to see which combinations taste the best. This is my latest concoction. This is perfect if you are following the Kick Start Detox plan & it’s a great way to start your day or if you are fasting the perfect blend to break your fast with. Whizz

Spring Time Juice For The Weekend

Another fantastic Juice idea from the KSFL Juice Queen Mairi Taylor


Here are 2 super refreshing & energising Juices perfect for breakfast or any time! Many Thanks to Super Juice Queen Mairi Taylor Kick Start Fat Loss Business Owner for Barrow

Have You Got A Nutri Bullet Yet?

The UK has gone CRAZY for Nutri Bullets and over at Kick Start we have been blending, mixing & juicing a fab selection of vegetables. Remember GO EASY ON THE FRUIT or you are creating a serious sugar bomb that will increase your waist line in days. It’s all about the veggies people! Perfect for

Breakfast Juicing Ideas – Green Goddess

Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing, Fatloss tips, Home Workouts, Positive Self Love, Affirmations & Happy Lifestyle Updates I emailed you a few weeks ago about Juicing & I received such a huge response, I thought I would follow up with our first very simple &


WEEKEND GREENS Lemon,kale,chunks of Apple and 2cm of gingers gives it quite the sweet taste. One apple chopped (not the core) 3cm of ginger Peel lemon and add two pieces Add a tiny bit of water to help blend together    

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