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Rachel Holmes Set To Launch her most Inclusive and Exciting Online Programme Yet

Rachel Holmes Fitness Presenter and programme Creator of over 30 years is set to launch her most exciting and inclusive digital programme yet. The new programme starting 2nd September embodies feeling your best at any age ” We are reaching for big goal this Autumn and the programme is about being in the best shape mentally and

Press Release: A New Definition for Kick Start With Rachel Holmes and What It Means For Digital Fitness

There is a NEW Definition for Kick Start with Rachel Holmes, Read more in today’s press release. “Kick Start Is an online Health and Fitness Brand providing digital home workouts, evidence based nutritional programmes, lifestyle hacks and motivational coaching created by Rachel Holmes. Kick Start Professionals, Coaches & Franchisees also run online programmes throughout the

NEW Business and Personal Development Podcast Series Episode 1 with guest Greg Sellar

In this new exciting series I interview Greg Sellar. I talk to Greg Sellar and discusses how overwhelm, self limiting beliefs, changing a negative mindset when faced with obstacles and reframing stressful situations can change your life on a daily basis. Greg recently relocated to LA from Sydney and previously the UK and how he

10 Steps To Eating The Kick Start Lifestyle

Here are my 10 Steps To  Eating The Kick Start Lifestyle 1. STOP eating sugar -including fruit juices and sports drinks that contain HFCS, honey, and agave – the body treats all of these “healthy” sugars AS sugar in the body. Elevating your fat storing hormones, increasing cravings & leading to weight gain. 2. Eat

Kick Start Lift Lean 9 Online With Rachel Holmes AMAZING Results

So we have completed ROUND 9 Lift Lean online with Rachel Holmes would you believe?! Some of our team have been with us since round 1 which is fantastic while others have joined along the way – overall we have been getting fantastic results and we can’t wait to share them with you today. The

The Rachel Holmes Lifestyle Show Interview With Lara Adler Environmental Toxin Specialist

Watch this fascinating interview with Lara Adler Environmental Toxin Specialist all about toxins in the home and what changes we can make for our health: Thanks for watching, I would love your feedback so please leave me a comment On Twitter/Facebook and make sure you subscribe to my show for the latest interviews,    

Why Eat Organic According To The Soil Association

Here at KSFL we promote eating organic and natural products as much as possible and this is why: Organic is all about working with nature and promoting higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers PLUS more sustainable management of the land which is great for wildlife. Organic

Are You An Early Riser?

  When the alarm clock goes off do you pop up and straight into your morning routine? Most people DON’T and I am sure that isn’t a surprise, the struggle of early mornings especially as it get’s darker can add extra STRESS to your day… so here is HOW TO BECOME AN EARLY RISER: 1.

Repeat After Me “I Can Do This” Your Weekend Sorted

Today I am arming you with everything you need to get through the weekend from start to finish KSFL style! Saturday Morning 10 minute HIIT 20 secs on 10 secs off   Breakfast smoothie/juice Lunch chicken and avocado pasta Dinner cajun turkey salad Tip of the day: Try and get outdoors today whether it be

Are You Committed To Your Healthy Eating Lifestyle?

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop its an easy excuse to hibernate, stop exercising and eat comfort food. You might do that for a week which then rolls into a month. Then its Christmas…. and getting your mojo back post Christmas seems like mountain to climb. So today COMMIT. Give yourself a