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When the alarm clock goes off do you pop up and straight into your morning routine? Most people DON’T and I am sure that isn’t a surprise, the struggle of early mornings especially as it get’s darker can add extra STRESS to your day… so here is HOW TO BECOME AN EARLY RISER:

1. Choose to get up before you go to sleep

In the morning it is easy just to turn over… if you make the decision the night before to get up early you will be in a better frame of mind to make the choice.  This also avoids that terrible feeling of confusion you can sometimes feel in the morning.

Plan what time you will wake up and visualise your morning routine making sure everything is prepared to make it as smooth as possible.

2. Have a plan for your extra time
Let’s say you’ve actually made it out of bed maybe 1 hour before your normal alarm… Now what? Wow you have some free time! If you don’t have something planned to do with your extra time, you risk falling for the temptation of a “morning nap” that wipes out all the work you put into getting up. Make a quick note before you go to bed on what you would like to do with those hours in the morning, in the morning you will feel a sense of achievement and this is a great start to the day.

3. Make rising early a social activity
Have you ever thought about joining a breakfast club/ running group or just taking the dog for a nice long walk in the morning? This will do wonders for your sense of wellbeing and mental health. Make it a habit and learn to enjoy your mornings.


4. Don’t use an alarm that makes you angry

Make it something relaxing, not too annoying! I have to change my alarm every 6 months to avoid a hatred towards the sound! Ditch the torture and find something that doesnt rattle your nerves, experiment with light, sound, smells, temperature, or even pop your Fitbit vibrating alarm on.

5. Get your blood flowing right after waking

My 10 minute HIIT workouts are a great excuse to get up earlier… your workout is done in 10 minutes and you will feel more positive and ready for the day ahead! Plus you can then use your evening to relax.


Try out my top 5 tips this week and let me know how you get on!


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