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Month: August 2014

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Hazelicious KSFL Balls

  We love spreading happy healthy recipes & I really hope you have a go at making these Hazelicious Balls they are gorgeous. You can have your CAKE and eat it with Kick Start, by creating your own home made treats substituting various ingredients. But What is the problem with Sugar? The BIG problem with

10 Tips To Have A Sugar Free Saturday

  The weekend is HERE!!! YEAHHHH And we know how difficult it can be to avoid sugar. Its flippin everywhere, on everything, it has us surrounded……..     Unless you want to be a hermit,socialising & heading out for food  can be a some what tricky…. But not impossible……. Here’s another one of  my famous

5 Ways To Smash Sugar Cravings

    We are getting all ready & prepped for the #SugarFreeSeptember   Those pesky sugar cravings are INTENSE.   Sugar actually changes your brain chemistry. Conclusive evidence shows us that sugar is highly addictive.   So, don’t panic if you find it tough & you are feeling the withdrawal effects .   Depending on

Mum of 2 Loses 9 1/2 Stone Doing KSFL

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release (29/08/2014) Lowestoft Mum Loses 9 1/2 Stone doing KSFL ®   Mum of two, Lesley Gooch, from Lowestoft, has lost a jaw dropping 9½ stone going from  a size 28 to a size 14.   The 47 year old teaching assistant from Oulton Broad joined her local Kick Start Fat

NO B.S Steps To Real FatLoss & A Healthy Lifestyle

  We are on a roll this week, getting back on track eating & training wise… So, here in my quest to help update, motivate & inspire you with all things Kick Start Fat Loss  are more quick daily tips to get you in  in da zone……… 1: Have you tried fasting? Research shows that

20 Tips to Turbo Charge Your FatLoss

DO YOU WANT a 7 day Kick Star Meal Plan TO keep you on track? CLICK HERE   Lets DO THIS!!!!! I can’t wait to help more people & spread the Kick Start message.   Lots more updates and motivation coming from Kick Start Fat Loss Get in touch.. I love to hear from you!

Are You In Bank Holiday Binge Mode?

  Are you in Bank Holiday Binge Mode?   As it’s the last bank hol have you got plans to eat drink & be merry today? Or Is your plan to GET BACK ON IT….tomorrow/next week/when the kids are back etc? So in preparation of “ Getting Back On It” here is a quick tips

Fancy a KSFL Breakfast Salad

Do you want more Kick Start Clean Meal Ideas YES??  Get your free receipes here   Fancy a delicious Breakfast Salad for a change Ditching the cereal, tea and toast in a morning does take some getting used but once you make the change you are doing your body & health THE best favor. You

Nottingham Derby Cambridge Kick Start Fat Loss Local

Thank you for your interest in teaching Kick Start Fat Loss Classes. This is a pilot scheme I am expanding in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire & Leicestershire.   I am looking for qualified Instructors and  Personal Trainers to become a Kick Start Fat Loss Consultants & Leaders. We are still only reaching a fraction of

Perfect Pancakes for Monday

Have you made Protein Pancakes before? It’s the perfect day to give them a shot! Using your fav protein powder, here is a little youtube clip with me showing you how to do it. (Deliah Holmes alert!) As it’s motivational Monday.. Are you ready for the week ahead? It’s remarkable how your brain gets activated