Are You In Bank Holiday Binge Mode?

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Are you in Bank Holiday
Binge Mode?


As it’s the last bank hol have you got plans to eat
drink & be merry today?


Is your plan to
GET BACK ON IT….tomorrow/next week/when the
kids are back etc?

So in preparation of
“ Getting Back On It”
here is a quick tips email.

6 Tips to Get Back on the Wagon.

1: Don’t beat yourself up or even worry about what you
have consumed.

You LOVED it, Enjoyed it, now accept it & move on.

2: Fasting for 18 hours. If you are a “faster” &
know how to do it then its a great way to
give your digestive system a break.

3: If you are not fasting.
Eat a protein rich meal as your breakfast
(meal 1) – eggs are perfect or create greens juice.

4: Only eat 3 protein rich meals consisting of
meat/fish & LOADS of veg.
This will help stabilise your blood sugar levels.

5: Drink 2/3 litres of bottled water to flush everything through.

6: Do an intense HIIT workout or 2 if you have time.
Check out my YOUTUBE channel for workouts.

Today’s simple affirmation
“Today I only choose clean food”

I know you can smash that sugar craving with clean food,
a good workout & positive affirmations.

Take control my friend!

BIG LOVE as always Rachel

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PPS Loads of Nutrition, Positivity Fitness & Lifestyle tips
coming up this week.


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