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SALE – Leggings & Books

Killa Click here to order KILLA Email [email protected] with your size ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Polar Sunset   Click here to order POLAR SUNSET Email [email protected] for sizes Purple Sunset Click here to order PURPLE SUNSET Click here to order Pink Ivy Down from £40 + VAT + postage to £35 + Vat + Postage. I only have


CLEAN NANAIMO BARS. KSFL STYLE     WE LOVE chocolate and chocolate brings every one together! Laura who is the Kick Start Franchisee Owner from Ireland created these EXCEPTIONAL bars… why don’t you knock these up for Halloween. Laura has been teasing us all week on social media for the recipe and here it is.

My Spiralizer review

I am SO excited this week with my new toys! Spiralizers are SO popular right now and are a great way to make clean and quick meals that are also delicious!   I received 2 spiralizers this week to try out and here was what I thought:     1.The ‘Vegetable Spiralizer’ by Lurch (from

Roxy Improves Type 1 Diabetes With KSFL

KSFL Improves Type 1 Diabetes for Roxy Banbury resident and type 1 diabetes sufferer Roxy Hoare was horrified to hear that her Hba1c (an average blood sugar result) had risen from 8.2 to 9.3, during her October (2014) biannual check up. As an average, this was the highest Roxy had ever been and admittedly she

Emily Loses 51/2 Stone with Kick Start Online

  Emily Russell (35), from Shrewsbury, has lost 44 inches and dropped 5 stone after joining the Kick Start Fat Loss Online Detox Programme. “After the birth of my second child my life began to get out of control as he was born with a cleft palette.” “The stress of this, plus over indulging so

Going Gluten Free

  We hear a lot of chat about Gluten. A whole food section has developed in supermarkets aimed at those with Gluten intolerances. But how does Gluten affect us? And why should WE all go gluten free if we want fatloss,  be free from health niggles and have improved brain function.   Here is the

Kick Start Fat Loss Basics – Start Right Now

Making big changes to your diet one item at a time could be the best way for YOU to: * Reach your fatloss goals * Get into the best shape of your life * Feel energetic every day. * Banish aches, pains, skin complaints, IBS, migraines, tiredness & fatigue, PMT, * Happy mood & stressfree

Kick Start Clean Xmas Pudding

Here are more of our delightful clean Kick Start FAB Xmas recipes from Kick Start Business Owner Mairi Taylor I could eat this right now for breakfast!       If you make this leave a comment below! or sign up to one of my free programmes. 7 Day Fitness Pilates Workouts click here 7

Meet Denise who reversed the side effects of medication with Kick Start Fat Loss & lost 17kg

  Denise Adolphe (41) looked in the mirror and didn’t even recognise the person staring back at her. A former constant overeater, Denise loved pasta, potatoes, cheese, chocolate and a ton of starchy carbs. Although she enjoyed her veggies she would pile the food on her plate at every meal. Her weight skyrocketed and, coupled