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Hazelicious KSFL Balls

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We love spreading happy healthy recipes
& I really hope you have a
go at making these Hazelicious Balls
they are gorgeous.

You can have your CAKE and eat it with
Kick Start, by creating your own
home made treats
substituting various ingredients.

But What is the problem with Sugar?

The BIG problem with sugar
is that once you eat it, you can’t stop.

And for good reason:
Sugar has the effect of altering hormone
response & brain function so that we are driven
to eat more of it.

Wakefulness, energy expenditure,
and the brain’s reward center are all
down regulated when we eat sugar.

A network of transmitters in the brain

respond to the food you eat,

& if you
eat carbs, especially sugary carbs,
the network is inhibited, slowing energy use
& making
you less alert.

Dopamine signalling is reduced so you feel less
pleasure & want more sweets, while the hormone
leptin, which suppresses hunger & signals fullness,
is not elevated.

It’s not your fault for loving sugar or being
unable to control the sugar intake
since it basically hijacks the brain to
persistently crave more sugar,
a craving that the vast majority of us

find it so hard  to overcome.

Therefore, if you eat processed,
tinned or packaged
foods nearly all of which contain
added sugar
making your intake that much higher &
intensifying your cravings.

The more you eat.

The more you crave.

Its a vicious, vicious cycle that leads to
weight gain, diabetes, insulin resistance & a whole host
of medical conditions.

Add into the mix several glasses
of your favorite tipple,
a few pieces of fruit & the diet your
think is “healthy”
becomes a fat storing, insulin, cortisol
roller coaster.


Is Sugar problematic for you?

Let me know.

I LOVE to hear from you
pop over to Facebook.com/KickStartFatLoss
or Tweet me @RachelHolmes

I’ve got loads of strategies to help

Have the best Sunday & have fun with your
Hazelicious Balls!

Love Rachel xx

Thanks to Mairi Taylor of Fab-Fitness.com
for The Hazelicious Balls


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