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KSFL Christmas Chicken and Brussels Leftover recipes

Try out these lovely recipe ideas from KSFL to spice up your Christmas leftovers!   TWEET about it @KSFLUK #KSFLXMAS !

See How These Fitpros Are Building Strong, Successful & Scaleable Businesses

Thinking about Becoming A Kick Start Fat Loss Business Franchise Owner?   Check out these successful franchisees & how their Kick Start Fat Loss businesses are growing & becoming strong, sustainable & scalable.     * Are you fed up of being “on your own” with no one behind you to help, support & motivate

Tis the season… to sandwich scrape!

The next few weekends, potentially can play havoc with your KSFL eating plans. How many times do you eat & workout brilliantly Monday through Friday then the weekend hits & you kind of crash and burn? Especially coming up to CHRISTMAS……..eeekk I know it can bring on anxiety for some people. And of course, 2 days of eating whatever is around

Lisa’s KSFL story continues

Lisa Lockwood is a truly inspirational woman. From losing 4 stone with the support of Helen Pybus and KSFL Lowestoft she has gone on now to teach others about KSFL as a Franchisee herself with fantastic results! Read Lisa’s story below:   On the 30th December 2014, I stood in my bedroom with the beautiful

SHOUT OUT to our number one KSFL supporter Samina

We thought it really important to highlight an amazing follower of ours who works out with us EVERY DAY on Periscope, follows our social media, uses our recipe books, coconut oil and programmes and is a fantastic KSFL supporter! The lovely Samina from London! We thought we would ask Samina about her experience with KSFL

Let’s get EXCITED about avocados

Avocados are a great source of good fats, vitamin E, vitamin C,  Fibre and antioxidants so it is a great food to include in your diet! I know eating the same thing can get a little boring so here is how to get EXCITED about avocados again! Avocados are great in salads, with salmon and


Its Time To Crack The Clean Mince Pies Here is your CAKE FRIDAY Recipe – Inspiring a Happy Healthy Christmas        

Hmmm what to do with Christmas leftovers this year?

Here are some ideas and recipes for what to do with your Christmas leftovers from KSFL. KSFL Boxing day stir fry Ingredients Leftover vegetables finely shredded e.g. cabbage, carrots, broccoli, 2 tbsp Kick Start coconut oil 350g turkey or chicken, shredded 2 tsp Chinese 5 spice 2 onions, thinly sliced 2 cloves garlic, crushed ½ red chilli

Dehydrator comparison review

We have been Dehydrator OBSESSED for the last week and have two dehydrators to talk about and compare… so if you are looking for one yourself you know what will work for you!   The first Dehydrator we tried was from Juiceland. This one is is fantastic for making larger amounts and is a rather