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Lisa Lockwood is a truly inspirational woman. From losing 4 stone with the support of Helen Pybus and KSFL Lowestoft she has gone on now to teach others about KSFL as a Franchisee herself with fantastic results!

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Read Lisa’s story below:


On the 30th December 2014, I stood in my bedroom with the beautiful blue ball gown that I was going to wear to our annual fancy dress party. It was like a comedy sketch only to me it wasn’t funny. Dave my husband had his knee in my back pulling the laces trying as hard as he could to get the two sides of the dress to meet up. I’d always wanted to go as Cinderella and had bought the stunning dress off eBay. But I hadn’t tried it on as I thought a size 18 would fit, big mistake, with less than a day till our party I knew it was hopeless and I stood and cried. I know it seems a little dramatic over a dress but I’d reached an all time low.
I have an underactive thyroid and since being diagnosed 10 years ago the weight had piled on and my weight topped the scales at 14 stone 7lb. I knew something had to change. I made an appointment with a private thyroid specialist. As well as the weight ballooning I also suffered with terrible joint aches and felt so incredibly tired all the time. I had very little energy too so exercise was out of the question. On the 3rd January I had my appointment and my specialist advised that I should try a type of paleo diet. I was also diagnosed with Hashitomos autoimmune disease. This meant that I was highly allergic to wheat and when I ate some I’d get pain, swell up like a balloon and my immune system would respond by attacking itself. I emailed Helen Pybus as I’d heard about Kick Start fat Loss and it sounded like what I needed.
On 5th January 2015 I took the first step on my weight loss journey. I was incredibly nervous and can honestly say if it wasn’t for the fact my husband dropped me off and encouraged me to go in. I never would have made it through the door that day. But I shouldn’t have been worried. Helen was lovely and full of energy and put me at ease straight away. I weighed in and then we had a group talk where I was given loads of advice about how to eat clean and healthy the Kick Start way. Perfect for me with my allergies as it’s a gluten and wheat free eating plan.
However it wasn’t easy as I was so addicted to sugar that just 3 days in I felt awful, couldn’t think what to eat and emailed Helen saying ‘I can’t do this it’s too hard’. Helen immediately reassured me that I could and to go shopping and fill my fridge with loads of green and vegetables from the list of foods that I was allowed. My fridge looked like a forest! I Googled recipes and learnt how to make my favourite foods from scratch.

Helen explained that as my body came off sugar it was like coming off drugs as I was so addicted. This is why I’d felt like I had the flu. I have always loved cooking and regularly made family birthday cakes so I put all my cooking skills into making new and tasty dinners. I made my own salad dressings and BBQ sauce. I did take the slightly scenic route as I felt I couldn’t face the day without my cup of tea with milk. Now I drink herbal teas and I enjoy them more than tea with milk.
The first week I lost 6lb, 4lb the second week and 5lb the third. I was amazed, over a stone gone in 3 weeks. I’d never had these results at any weight loss class I’d attended before. The weight steadily kept coming off and by June I’d lost 3 stone. I’d started a new thyroid medication and that with the healthy eating and I was getting more sleep meant I was feeling amazing. I had a summer ball to attend and I’d bought a size 14 dress and treated myself to a makeover with my hair and makeup. I went to the ball feeling like Cinderella. It was amazing and I had loads of comments on how well I looked and how much weight Id lost.

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It was then that I decided I wanted to help others to live the Kick Start way. I messaged Helen and Rachel Holmes and they were thrilled that I wanted to come onboard.
By 13th July I reached my target of 4 stone. Summer was here and I was fitting in size 12 clothes for the first time since I was in my teens. I sold all my old clothes and bought a whole new wardrobe full of new clothes. It felt strange buying size 12 as I’ve was big for so long in my head I felt I was still 16-18 so I was surprised every time. But it was a lovely feeling. My recipe book was growing and I was re working loads of my favourite foods.

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On 10th October I launched my own group. I had about 30 people attend and quite a few sign ups. I prepared a feast of Kick Start nibbles and people were really surprised at how nice sugar free food tastes. Helen opened the launch with a motivational talk then I had two of Helen’s lovely ladies Lesley and Lynette who had lost 10 stone and 8 stone give an inspiring talk about how they achieved it with Kick Start Fat Loss. I went last telling everyone how I had lost the weight and how much difference it had made to my life.
I now hold classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at Oulton Community Centre. As I’m not a fitness instructor I just do Kick Start Slim with no exercise. Although my Ladies can go online and do workouts on www.helenpybus.com
Mondays are slower than the Tuesday evenings which is quite busy. This time of year people need a lot more support to stay on track. I share a lot of what I went through with my class and understand when they have their low day with the detox. I think it helps that I know how it feels and I’ve been where they are. So far four of my ladies have lost a stone and I should have another lady hit the 1 stone off mark tonight. Another lady is very close to her 2 stone off too. It feels amazing to help these ladies.

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I’ve done smoothie week, wrap week (yes you can make wheat free wraps) and this week is Christmas nibbles week. Next week Mocktails. As I don’t do the exercise I feel I can concentrate on the recipes and food aspect more and I’m so used to cooking that I can normally give people ideas about what to eat. I’ve recently started juicing and I love it and feel a juicing class will be good for the New Year. My ladies really enjoy my classes and the results show that I am inspiring them to eat clean and healthy. I was told yesterday that there were 5 days over Christmas that one lady had written off as she was going to eat, drink, be merry and not worry. But after eating my healthy treats (I had help from a friend’s husband who’s into clean eating and a fantastic cook) she is going to stay on track and cook healthy Christmas treats. After Mocktails week she‘ll be prepared for anything. I’m even thinking of hosting some cooking classes as the centre has a kitchen but I may have to get a hygiene qualification first.

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I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. I’m also doing a nutrition course at the moment as I felt like I’d like a bit more understanding and a qualification. Its due to be finished by 15th January so I have a lot to do with Christmas approaching and I’m not giving my advertising as much effort as I need to but I’ll get there. I’m learning so much about food and fat loss. Also I’m getting more technical (slowly) but I still have a lot to learn. I’m going to blitz the techy stuff after Christmas. Look out Lowestoft I’m coming to get you and make you healthier and make you the best you can be.
This year has been amazing, I’ve lost weight, I feel great, the aches have gone and I’ve been featured in The Mirror and have two magazine features coming up. With Woman magazine (I’m in the 29th December issue) I attended a photo shoot in London and had my hair and makeup done and went there by myself which is something I would have never dared do before. My confidence has gone through the roof. Before Ksfl I would have been hiding in the corner not standing in front of people telling them how I lost the weight and helping them to lose theirs. What a difference a year can make and of course it’s not over yet. Will I be Cinderella this year for New Year? I haven’t decided yet I may be Wonder Woman as I feel so amazing!

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Thanks to Lisa Lockwood for her amazing and inspirational story!

If you live in Lowestoft and want to make a positive change to your lifestyle with the support of KSFL then go and see Helen and Lisa’s launch on Monday 18th January from 7-8pm at the red Oak primary, Southwell Road, Lowestoft! Visit their website HERE

If you want to find a class near you CLICK HERE

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