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Charlotte lost weight for her wedding with KSFL and looks amazing

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Today we received a lovely story from Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset about some brilliant results she has had recently with one of her group, Charlotte. Hear her story below:


I’m Charlotte, I’m 28 years old. I have never been into fitness and heathy eating that was until KSFL.

It started for me just after Christmas I was getting married in February and was aware I had put on a bit of weight over Christmas, my shock was when I tried on my wedding dress! It didn’t fit!! I was devastated and I only had 6 weeks until my big day!

I had already planned to go on KSFL but didn’t think it would be able to help me loose as much as I needed in such a short time, however, I messaged Heather who was so supportive and assured me if I stuck with her and put the effort in we could do it.

So, we got started. As I said before heathy eating wasn’t for me but with the support group and Heather always being there I got some amazing ideas for food and it became so easy. There were so many recipes available.

Then there was the gym!! Heather was amazing she knew what I wanted to achieve and she pushed me until I got there even when I wanted to throw in the towel she pushed me and I came out of every session feeling amazing and so proud of myself.

The results!! Within a week my tummy started to go down I also had lots more energy little things like waking up in the morning was easier. Within 4 weeks I had lost 11lbs my skin was clear I was sleeping better and even better than all of that I got into my dress!!!


KSFL really worked but without Heathers support I know I couldn’t have done it. Now the wedding is over and I’m back with a new goal…. Watch this space…


Visit Heather’s Facebook page here to see more about KSFL West Somerset

Thanks Charlotte and Heather for sharing your story!

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