Natalie lost over 1 stone in 28 days with KSFL and is now looking forward to walking down the aisle at her Sister’s wedding

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Natalie found KSFL in January 2016 at Rachel Holmes Nottingham Detox and after 1 month she lost over a stone!  Natalie looked fantastic on her makeover day and was determined to carry on her new lifestyle, with the aim of losing more weight for her Sister’s wedding. Read how she continued on her journey after the detox…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.18.53My KSFL journey started on Tuesday 5th January at the Nottingham Detox Group. I realised immediately that the KSFL Detox was totally different to every other diet I had ever followed. The following day I cleared out my cupboards, fridge and freezer and made a list based on the shopping list provided. My kitchen was soon filled with a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fish and eggs, I bought coconut oil to cook with, and Himalayan salt for seasoning. Over the next 28 days I ate wonderful, healthy, clean homemade food, and felt so much better for it. My skin was clearer, I had more energy, I slept better. I was totally amazed at how much different I felt by simply cutting out all the foods I had previously been told were ‘free’.

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Before KSFL I was eating cereal and fruit every morning for breakfast, a snack of fruit and a snack bar, lunch was usually a salad, or sandwiches on days that I skipped the cereal. Evening meals usually consisted of huge portions of pasta with a homemade sauce and vegetables. I would usually follow that with another snack bar, fruit or low fat yoghurt. Despite eating all that food, I was still constantly hungry, tired most of the time, and lacking in energy. I suffered a lot with stomach upsets, and was beginning to wonder if it was an intolerance to dairy as I was consuming a large amount of milk, cheese and yoghurt every day.
My new routine is far less structured, I eat when I am hungry, which is a lot less because I am eating what my body actually needs. My breakfast/lunch is often eggs, spinach, smoked salmon, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. I have found a love for omelettes and eat them most days. I have fresh vegetables with every meal. I have made a lot of ‘clean’ curries while following the KSFL plan, as well as mixed vegetable chilli, baked fish parcels and stuffed peppers. I have found my love of cooking again! Today I have made spiced butternut squash soup, earlier in the week I made spiced pear and kale soup. The possibilities when following KSFL are endless.

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Since following the KSFL Detox I have lost 21lbs and 17.5 inches. During a recent trip to Devon I gained a few pounds because I had too many naughty food days. I found that on the days where I ate how I used to, I always felt bad the next day. I had less energy, I would wake up hungry and craving toast and tea, and I noticed that I was back to having stomach upsets and indigestion. I have almost lost the weight that I gained while in Devon, and plan to join my local KSFL group. I have a target size in my head that I would like to achieve by the end of August as I will be Bridesmaid for my sister. I know that with the support of the team at KSFL I will achieve my goal and be proud to walk down the aisle.


Thanks Natalie for sharing your story and good luck in reaching your goal for your Sister’s wedding, we know you will do it!!


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