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Alex Elbro KSFL Cambridge recovers from injury and gets back in shape

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Alex has had some fantastic results with Kick Start Cambridge! After suffering an injury, Kelly got Alex back in shape and feeling great.

Read Alex’s story below:

alex elbro

“I’m Alex Elbro and I’ve been doing KSFL in Cambridge with Kelly Reed-Banks on her Platinum package since April. In this time I’ve lost 12kg and 33 inches. More importantly though, my body shape and whole attitude to food has changed. I have been overweight for most of my life and tried most slimming groups with moderate success. I’ve been a member of a gym for years and enjoyed many classes especially the dance based ones. However, two years ago I had a stress fracture to my ankle, ironically from joining a running club to try and burn more calories! This stopped me doing any weight-bearing exercise for awhile and I was nervous to get back to it. I got really down and frustrated and my weight inevitably went up. I started doing more yoga and Pilates which I really enjoyed and which were great for improving core strength but I was slowly putting on more weight and feeling really unfit. I was about to turn 50 when I heard about this new small group training and I thought it was time to literally kick start my healthy eating and new lifestyle. It took me a couple of weeks to get my head around the different way of eating and seeing food but as time went on I got into the rhythm and haven’t looked back. For me, the combination of healthy eating plan and book of really easy and tasty recipes and exercising in a small group was the perfect combination. Over the weeks we have all supported each other and become good friends too. I look forward to seeing everyone and being able to contact Kelly at anytime with questions has been great. I’m sleeping better, my skin is great and I’m full of energy!! I’m also getting lovely comments from people who haven’t seen me for a while. I’m also very lucky that my husband and sons have been really supportive and we all eat the same food in the evening, with my husband often doing the cooking. Life is really good and I’m planning to continue this healthy lifestyle from now on.”

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