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KSFL Kings Lynn with Jane Cole have just completed their 12 week KSFL Transformation Package with fantastic results!  They have all worked so hard and maintained focus even when times were tough and through many distractions – look how happy they all are!

These are the results:

Group loss -98.04lbs, -23.9% and -81 inches

Kirsty (in the orange top) lost a massive- -19.14lbs  and -16 inches!

Check out the pictures and hear what Coach Jane had to say below:


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Jane says: “Having run several packages over the years I was thinking of a fresh way to challenge my clients, changing their thinking / obsession with weight loss to wellness. I’ve done several courses this year and as a trainer am leaning towards whole body approach wellness rather than short bursts. Aiming for my clients to make changes that transform them and change habits for the longterm. Gathering the group weekly allowed for any questions to be answered, bring the group together and share their meal prep ideas. I’ve been educating my clients on the science of wellness and how the rest all clicks into place, so the weekly topics aided this. Sure over the 12 weeks the group had blips, especially at this time of the year – tis the season n all that, but teaching the group its ok to do the scenic route as long as you keep moving forwards the destination will be the same, just might take longer. This approach definitely made it easier for me as a trainer but ultimately gave the freedom and responsibility back to the client.”

Thanks for sharing your results KSFL Kings Lynn team and a massive WELL DONE!

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