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Kick Start Cambridge Results Round Up With Coach Kelly

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So here at Kick Start Cambridge we have just finished our third Kick Start 14 day body reset programme and this course was unusually all women! 

On my last course I had 3 guys but on this June course it was all girls!! Although saying that a lot of them actually cooked the kick start recipes for this husbands & partners who actually lost inches too unintentionally.
The programme is very easy to follow they receive a 14 day meal plan from me with meals all taken from
The kick start cook books but they know exactly what they should eat for each meal, they also receive daily workouts from me posted in our group, plus online support & their choice of live classes which range from body blitz to fitness pilates etc
The recipes are all designed to reduce inflammation, balance hormones & help them understand the importance of being prepared.
The meals are designed to help them cook from scratch but in an easy to follow format & they make extra so they can use left overs or freeze to use for meals on additional days.
They come to me to get measured rather than weigh & this is done on day 1 & 14 so they can focus on the importance of inch loss rather than jumping in and off scales!
The results yet again have been outstanding with one of my ladies loosing 5 inches from her waist!
Some of the ladies had birthdays and nights out during the course but we accommodated this so they could understand this is about implementing kick start as a lifestyle change not a quick fix
I’m so proud of their achievements and how they are making positive changes which will continue then if they need my support and accountability they can sign up for the next course starting 3rd July!!

See some of the results below:

“KSFL 14 day body reset is amazing and I couldn’t recommend it any more. My motivation for doing the course was to up my veg and stop snacking, both of which I achieved as well as losing inches. (An added bonus!) What’s amazed me the most is it really is delicious food which is easy to make albeit requiring some preparation. The course has taught me about portion size and that I don’t need to graze all day long. Kelly is really supportive and is so patient in answering all your questions. Being in a group is great too as it’s great to see everyone else make progress, provide tips and tricks and generally  motivate each other!” Stef

A big well done to the team at KSFL Cambridge!

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