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Month: September 2017

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Is your Thyroid stopping you from losing weight?

Is Your Thyroid Stopping Your From Losing Weight? One in five people in the UK suffer from thyroid problems – especially women. An underactive thyroid can affect heart rate, digestion, skin, muscle and various organs. Symptoms for an underactive gland include tiredness, lack of concentration, poor memory, and muscle aches, while an overactive gland can

KSFL Warlingham September ReLaunch

Hear from KSFL Warlingham owner Lindsay on how the evening went: “The launch of my ksfl 60 day health & weightloss programme last night at Farleigh Golf Club in Warlingham was a huge success.  In the lead up to the event my concerns were bums on seats that evening.  That’s the hardest part as once

KSFL Thetford September Re Launch

Friday 8th September The Core Studio, Thetford relaunched KSFL. Owner Michelle Jermy has recently returned to teaching, personal training & KSFL after the birth of her daughter Juno. Knowing only too well the journey back to a previous pre pregnancy body image and mindset she is looking forward to coaching many on the transformation of

Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day setting the tone for the rest of the day! Breakfast must haves: HEALTHY, ENERGY BOOSTING AND SATISFYING! If you start healthy you are more likely to end healthy so a nutritional breakfast is the best way to start. Skipping breakfast can leave you with

Cut the food waste top tips

 Are you a food waster? In the UK in 2015 alone, £13 billion of edible food was thrown away from our homes. In total 7.3 million tonnes of food was thrown away, which if prevented, would have the environmental benefit of taking one in four cars off the road. It can often be hard to

The amazing benefits of exercise and not just to your physical appearance

Exercise is beneficial to your mental health as well as physical and it is amazing how you can change your outlook and how you feel with just a few changes to your lifestyle.   Do you suffer from anxiety/stress/ tiredness? Exercise gives you strength, energy and determination and could really help.Everyone is different and what

NEW 3 day taster menu from the Kick Start Kitchen

Thinking About Trying The Kick Start Kitchen Food Boxes? Try The New 3 Day Taster Menus PLUS Check Out My New Autumn Menus. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and it’s now Sunday food prepping and organising. I launched the Kick Start Kitchen Food Boxes 5 months ago and the feedback has been

KSFL Week Newsletter 9th September

Hi Here is your KSFL Week’s overview! We have some really exciting groups coming up this Autumn to get you right back on track and feeling fantastic- avoid those end of Summer blues and make new goals 🙂 Read this week’s blogs to reset your September with back to school: RACHEL TOP TIPS TO RESET

Cleaning With Milton Product Review

This month I have been using the Milton cleaning range for on-the-go and around the house, read my review to see how I got on! Antibacterial hand gel Perfect for on the go and travelling this hand gel keeps little hands clean. It is non sticky with a light and fresh fragrance. This is great

A KSFL Beginners Guide to Detoxing

Now the kids are back at school it is all about taking back that all important ME TIME.  Do you feel like you need a detox but don’t know where to start? We are exposed to an increased amount of chemicals and toxins daily and your immune system may be feeling weak and tired- time