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Month: September 2017

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How to survive Monday’s

Monday can be a tough day!! But if you approach it with the right attitude it can be the beginning of an amazing week 🙂 START RIGHT Start knowing what you need to do for the day and week ahead- make a list! WORKOUT Getting active first thing boosts brain power! GET UP EARLY- NO

Spice up your life

We have some spicy vegetarian dinner recipes for you today – we think you will absolutely love these! Please share your thoughts with us on social media and sign up to our FREE newsletter for more recipes

Get your breakfast in check

I am sure you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day…. It starts you as you mean to go on of the day.  If you start positive it will end positive and that is why we suggest you pack your breakfast full of good fats and protein to keep you full

No more faddy diets or nutritional nonsense

Let’s set the records straight! There are so many faddy diets on social media these days it is hard to know what is truth and what is total nonsense. We believe here at KSFL it is all about long term achievable nutrition to improve health and wellness- NO quick fixes:   Sugar alternatives that are still

KSFL Orpington Charity Aerobathon 2017

Hear from KSFL Orpington’s Fran Flin on how her Charity Aerobathon went: “What a fabulous morning at our annual Flin’s Fitness Charity Aerobathon here in Orpington ….. 100 or so fresh faced bodies came along at various stages of the morning to take part in our fund raiser …14 different workouts, with 8 different presenters

KSFL Blog Round Up

Having trouble reading this email? Click here. September is the month of KSFL Launches around the UK! Watch behind the scenes of the first 2 launches: SUTTON COLDFIELD WARLINGHAM KSFL Orpington Aerobathon was on Saturday with a fantastic turnout for charity- pics and vids coming soon! Yesterday was our MIND BODY FIT London a BIG

KSFL Cambridge Testimonial Rachel enjoyed the group encouragement

Read today’s fantastic Testimonial from Rachel “I started attending the Tuesday Pilates class last summer and became aware of the other courses that Kelly and Burwell Fitness run each week. As 2016 drew to a close, I made a big decision that would take me out of the classroom and enable me to sort my

Vegetarian KSFL Food Swaps

Here are some great food swaps if you are going vegetarian  on KSFL: 1. Breakfast Sandwich Swap your bacon sandwich for sweet potato cakes and top with avocado or your favourite toppings! 2. Pasta dishes Swap your pasta for courgette pasta and add in your favourite vegetables for a little bite. 3. If you like curry/

Use Instagram to meal prep

Instagram is the new GO-TO app for inspiration, motivation and FOOD. Meal prep is so IN right now and Instagram can help you with getting prepped like a boss:   Overnight Oats and Chia Puddings There are so many recipes on Instagram for these beauties, great variations and top tips. Here are our fave recipes:

Trying to transition from vegetarian to vegan?

Are you thinking about making the change? It can seem quite daunting but there are some simple strategies and savvy hacks that can make the transition much easier: READ UP Do your research so you know what you are getting yourself into. The impact on health, the planet and any other reasons why you may