You are unique don’t forget that

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It’s so tempting to do everything as expected.

To keep playing the game, going through the motions,
& playing small
but where does that get you…

In the end?

It’s not fulfilling, and when you look back
its such a waste of your talents, ambitions,
energy & inspiration.

Letting what others think of you
govern your actions,
crowd your ambitions & halt your goals

Is just ludicrous in the grand scale.

YOU, have so much more
to offer the world, your family & your friends.

With all the all the best intentions.
With all the positive affirmations
& mindset.

We ALL get stuck in the day to day grind.
I do it. You do it.

How can you not?
It can be hard to break free from those

Theres so much more to go at.

So many experiences to have.

So many dreams to fullfill.

So many ideas to pursue.

People to meet.Places to Go.

It can be overwhelming.

My BIGGEST fear is I go to the grave not having
reached for my own potential AND not having
inspired YOU to do the same.

But YOU have a special gift.

A gift no one else has.

YOU are YOU.

There isn’t anyone else like YOU.

YOU are unique. A total individual.

A total one of.

How awesome is that?

So, make the most of it. Go out & take control,
Seize the moment and control your destiny.

YOU HAVE to. I Insist.

Come on. Lets step up & create the life & business
you REALLY desire.

My affirmation today is from my role model
Gabby B (She just seems to have it all going on!)

“I release All That does not serve my highest good”

In my language that means get rid of the rubbish/toxic/crap
& focus on the good/happy/nice etc.

It’s all about mindset & perception. It really is.

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