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Thursday Group Live Talk Join me

Good Morning  It’s the THURSDAY LIVE TALK 730pm this evening in my Kick Start Private Facebook Group and here are the topics I’ll be discussing. * Sugar cravings – how to beat them and what are they telling you. * Have you slipped despite great intentions and made unhealthy choices? Tips to take things slowly.

Lift Lean Launches in Surrey January News

 Kick Start Lift Lean™ launched live in Warlingham, Surrey, with Lindsay Williams​ and special guest creator Rachel Holmes; it was a fantastic success with wonderful feedback from the 60 participants. What is Kick Start Lift Lean™ ? It is a strength training session for women with a specialised Kick Start Lifestyle Nutrition plan and daily

Kick Start Menopause Manifesto

Happy New Year!     I hope you had a great one.   And… If you woke up today and thought RIGHT I need to tackle my health, wellness, weight and fitness in 2018 BUT You have been struggling with menopause problems then I have created a new Kick Start Menopause Manifesto. A couple of

Foods to lose for a healthier you

Here are some FOODS TO LOSE to help you achieve your weight loss goals and what they should be swapped with:   White Starch “White starch” includes all refined carbohydrates or products that are made using refined carbohydrates. Instead, your goal is to consume whole grain versions.  Refined versions are stripped of most of the fiber and

Kick Start Top Health Tips For 2018

There is no one thing that is the key to achieving optimal health. A person’s overall daily routine is what is most important- small changes daily can make all the difference. Here are our top actions for working toward a healthier you in 2018: ​Embrace the basics. Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated. Forget the

Immunity Boosting Winter Health Tips

Did you know that your digestive system accounts for around 70% of your immunity function?! This is why what you eat is so important in building up immunity especially in the winter months.   Here are our top tips to boost your immunity: 1. Probiotics Eating probiotic-rich naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, or

Kick Start Cambridge Unbelievable Weight Loss Results

Kelly , proud coach of Kick Start Cambridge, shares her results with us from her recent PLATINUM programme:   Cara “Thanks Kelly Reed-Banks feeling great! Have enjoyed the food and the exercise! With the help from you and also getting fitter by doing classes before I start and seeing Lexi I will be starting the

Kick Start Stockport 90 Day Women’s Health & Weight Loss Programme Results

Kick Start Stockport 90 Day Women’s Health & Weight Loss Programme with Paula Thompson started in September 2017 and finished early December. The first few weeks is about getting to know my clients, their goals and what they are hoping to achieve from the programme. Depending on the individual we work out whether they can

Jackie’s massive 2 stone 6lbs weight loss Kick Start Stockport

Jackie Owen joined Kick Start Stockport in April 2017 and has achieved fabulous results on the programme.  When Jackie came to see me at my home for a personal consultation I remember seeing a lady who was emotional, wasn’t sure if she would be able to follow the programme and lacked confidence but was very

Kick Start Coach of the Day Michelle Watford

Our coach of the day is Michelle, Kick Start Watford! Her Mission: To help people make changes to their LIFESTYLE to strengthen their HEALTH & WELLBEING and to become more RESILIENT to cope with life’s challenges whatever their circumstances. Michelle has had her own battles with health and uses her experience to help others. Michelle