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KSFL Transformation Day with Fran and Chris

KSFL Boutique Wellness Transformation Day Blog At Rowhill Grange Sat 27th Feb   from Fran and Chris Chris and I got started at 7.30am with a breakfast meeting at my house – green juice and final check over the running order of the day! Nervous in an excited way, we set off on the 20

Week 2 January 2016 Kick Start Fat Loss launches

Monday 11th- Helen Hereford Helen really kicked off the week with a bang! The clean buffet was amazing, she had 2 inspirational talks from Louise and Jeanette and everybody had a brilliant time. See the video of the night here: See Louise’s talk:   Tuesday 12th- Paris Ashford Paris had a fantastic buffet, spiralizer demo and talk see

Artificial sweeteners and their effects on health

Did you watch the TV programme researching artificial sweeteners last night? If so you will already have an idea of what they are all about so here is how we feel about them at Kick Start Fat Loss. Artificial sweeteners are simply put CHEMICALS, however, the argument for them is to fight tooth decay, diabetes and

Lisa’s KSFL story continues

Lisa Lockwood is a truly inspirational woman. From losing 4 stone with the support of Helen Pybus and KSFL Lowestoft she has gone on now to teach others about KSFL as a Franchisee herself with fantastic results! Read Lisa’s story below:   On the 30th December 2014, I stood in my bedroom with the beautiful

Charlie- Raising awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Charlie Bailey is an inspirational woman with a story that highlights the struggles of having a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Charlie hopes to raise some awareness of the condition through her story as there is a drug available in Scotland but not in England to treat these boys that suffer. Petitions have gone to No

Kick Start Pop Up Diary week 3

  Monday 16th Detox The Detox group are looking fantastic and really staying focused wait until Saturday for our final results pictures!   Tuesday 17th Bollywood themed night! Firstly we worked out Bollywood style followed by some clean curry for dinner! Everyone had worked up an appetite and the curry went down a treat! Wednesday

My Spiralizer review

I am SO excited this week with my new toys! Spiralizers are SO popular right now and are a great way to make clean and quick meals that are also delicious!   I received 2 spiralizers this week to try out and here was what I thought:     1.The ‘Vegetable Spiralizer’ by Lurch (from