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Improve your self love Daily Challenge

Happy Wednesday! Here is a little daily challenge to help you improve Your self confidence, self esteem and self LOVE! Day 1 Write a positive affirmation and stick it somewhere you will see it A LOT. As your screen saver or on your phone, your mirror when you brush your teeth. Use the present tense and believe it. Here are

Work Harder on Yourself

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” (Jim Rohn) What do you think of this quote by the brilliant Jim Rohn? It’s so true I think! Are you enjoying the football? If you partied & socilaised & enjoyed the weekend I hope you had a fantastic time with your friends & family.  I bet

Develop a Positive Attitude for a Happier Life

Negative thinking is wasted energy. How do you correct negative thinking patterns and develop a positive attitude? Everyone wants to be around a POSITIVE person – a feel good friend- not a worry wort. If you’re prone to imagining the worst or thinking things will never improve, your negative attitude may turn people off who

Make Positive Choices

It is time to GET POSITIVE… we have goals to set! Be THANKFUL “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault LET GO of the negatives– Letting go can be one of the hardest things to do in life. But at the same time

Be Bold, Be Brave, Motivational Blog

I love little daily prompts to remind you to live life well. Committing to mental self improvement every day is my absolute passion. I LOVE IT & how it changes your life, your perceptions & how you feel. A daily affirmation, experiencing feelings of gratitude &  meditation brings you back to the moment, enjoying the

Flex your positivity muscles

Everyday gives us the opportunity to grow. Everything that happens during the space of 24 hours gives us an opportunity to flex our positivity muscles. Even the most challenging circumstances gives us the chance to become a more evolved human being. If you get stuck then listen to your inner guide. This 100% takes times

Boost the PMA

Boost the PMA with these easy tips: Did you know that in the UK  45% of all work related sickness is related to stress and other mental health troubles? This is a shocking figure but with our increasingly stressful lifestyles it makes alot of sense- this is why it is so important to help manage

The Bullet Diary

Here at KSFL we promote journalling as a great way to track daily habits and and promote a positive mindset. The BULLET diary is all about journalling in a positive and creative way… find out more: Do a WINS list- it is so satisfying at the end of your day to write down your 3 wins of

“I feel healthier and happier” KSFL West Somerset Testimonial

KSFL Motivation from Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset: “I feel like I’ve been on a diet my whole life and have always struggled with my weight and confidence aswell as my anxiety and OCD. I have tried so many “diets” which have led me to tears…Trying to lose weight can take over your life and

Healthy Cookies Recipe and Training Your Mind

 You know on a Friday I like to send you a fun cake/cookie recipe and I thought, what about the healthy Cookies? They are soooo nice 🙂 Also, how are you getting on with your KSFL lifestyle ? How is your “self chat” Do you really believe that whatever you think about you bring about?