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Healthy Cookies Recipe and Training Your Mind

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 You know on a Friday I like to send you a
fun cake/cookie recipe
and I thought, what about the healthy Cookies?


They are soooo nice 🙂

Also, how are you getting on with your KSFL lifestyle ?

How is your “self chat”
Do you really
believe that whatever you
think about you bring about?
Thoughts MOST definitely
become things.

I see it over & over & over again
in my own life
on a day to day…..Do You?

You do seem to become
& experience
whatever you think
about all day long.

your mind all through
the day is key.
When those pesky negative thoughts
POP UP, randomly,
out of the blue
start spreading through
your brain
like wildfire, you have to be strong
& make a mental U turn.


It’s not easy.
That’s for sure.

But the more your flex those
mental muscles
the easier it it gets.

YOU achieve more.
YOU Feel better.
You feel happier
You are far more productive

What are those negative
movies you keep playing
over & over?

“I’m not thin enough…I’m too muscular…
I’m not successful enough….Why am I
still single (LOL)…..”

Blah Blah Blah on & on & on…..

You can bore yourself with
these ridiculous

So today let’s make a
massive effort
& it IS an effort….
Keep your mind filled with positivity,
prosperity, thoughts
of success, happiness, freedom, creating
& designing a life
you really LOVE….

Spin those negative thoughts around
when they creep in.
Let me know what YOU Think
Tweet me @RachelHolmes

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