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KSFL Motivation from Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset:
“I feel like I’ve been on a diet my whole life and have always struggled with my weight and confidence aswell as my anxiety and OCD.
I have tried so many “diets” which have led me to tears…Trying to lose weight can take over your life and make you feel terrible when you get nowhere. I found myself trying something new every Monday, and always starting again on Monday! Not anymore!!!!!!!!
I can now get into jeans that I had “filed away” into my “when I’ve lost weight” section of the wardrobe and it’s a great feeling.
It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle and the whole family can join in. I dont feel deprived and really enjoy the food.
I, like most people have a busy life, I run a business with my husband we have both young and older children and an increasing number of animals! and KSFL just fits in with all of that.
I’ve never had the confidence to go to a gym class before but I have realised I can do it.
I feel healthier and happier! It’s like a self-healing process if that makes sense. I’ve felt so bad for so long and now I feel better each day as I see and feel the results, and I am not looking back! I don’t even want to eat all that bad food I used to eat – KSFL thanks to Heather has changed my life!
My results are not dramatic, but it’s small steps in the right direction, and I am making my way to where I want to be!”

I hope this inspires you today!

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