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What do i Spiralize?

Have you tried spiralled veg in place of pasta? It is a far healthier swap and just as tasty too! Our favourite veg to spiralize: •••COURGETTES •••BUTTERNUT SQUASH •••SWEET POTATO You can even now buy these ready made in the shops! We have some great recipes for you to try today:

Kick Start Chicken and Avocado Pasta taken from Rachel Holmes’ 10 minute Recipes book

Our Kick Start Chicken and Avocado Faux Pasta is sure to be your tasty, go-to, speedy dinner to whip up for lunch or dinner! Once you have tried it you won’t want to go back to the old pasta, this is far healthier and fresher… perfect for the whole family!   Find more quick and easy healthy

Why are courgettes so good for you?

At this time of year the shelves are stocked with courgettes and they make a great summery addition to any dish. We like to use courgettes as faux pasta/noodles and toppings for salads… but the question we often get asked is WHY are they so good?   Courgettes have a very high water content just like

Our KSFL Franchisees’ Kitchen Equipment Essentials

This week’s WELLNESS STARS QUESTION OF THE WEEK “What is your kitchen equipment essential for KSFL Clean Eating?” Here is what our Franchisees said were their most important pieces of kitchen equipment for clean eating Kick Start style:   Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset Mine would have to be a good set of pans including 2

KSFL Chicken and Courgette Casserole

If you are craving creamy and warming food then this is PERFECT! It is absolutely delicious and only takes 30 minutes! The whole family will enjoy this one! Ingredients 2 courgettes, spiralized Kick Start coconut oil Live Lean Chicken Salt and pepper to taste 2 cloves of garlic, sliced 8 button mushrooms, sliced Almond milk

KSFL Oregano, Chicken and Kale Pasta

  KSFL Oregano, Chicken and Kale Pasta! This is another spiralizer recipe from the new Rescue Recipe Book. This one is so simple to make and ABSOLUTELY delicious! Please try and share your feedback on social media! Ingredients Courgette Coconut Oil Live Lean Chicken Himalayan Salt Pepper Oregano Flakes Garlic Kale   CLICK HERE to

My Spiralizer review

I am SO excited this week with my new toys! Spiralizers are SO popular right now and are a great way to make clean and quick meals that are also delicious!   I received 2 spiralizers this week to try out and here was what I thought:     1.The ‘Vegetable Spiralizer’ by Lurch (from

Spiralized Spaghetti Verde KSFL Style

Have YOU got a Spiralizer as yet? These are AMAZING especially if you miss your pasta while on Kick Start Fat Loss 🙂 Turn your fatburning courgettes into #faux #pasta So tasty  & healthy!   Let me know if you get a Spiralizer & create these wonderful Faux Spaghetti Meals Tweet me @RachelHolmes @KSFLUK Facebook.com/KickStartFatLoss