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Are You Still Confused About Nutritional Information?

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Are you still
feeling a little confused about
nutritional information?

Well, this weekend I was
speaking & presenting
at Fitpro Live.

Fitpro Live is an International
Fitness Conference
held at EXCEL in London.
The event attracts thousands
of Fitness Professionals
from all over

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Being a speaker at the event
I had the pleasure
of listening to some of the worlds
leading authorities on fatloss,
nutrition, human psychology & behavior


I’m constantly looking for ways to bring
YOU the very latest research & information.

And how I can apply it in KSFL™

So today as It’s
“Back On it Monday”

We are  going right back to basics &
starting with the:

Kick Start Fat Loss Best Practices

This week include 5 simple habits that
will impact your
health & fitness long term.

1: Shoot for 8 hours of sleep per night.

2: Eat a protein rich lunch style breakfast
for the first meal of your day.

3:Eat 3 servings of green veggies per day

4:Do a minimum of 5 x 10min HIIT workouts
per week.

5:Drink 2 litres of clean bottled water per day.

That’s it!!!…..

Basic – Easy – Straightforward

No confusion


Now, Think about this when you are eating
your food:


If YOU are  THE worlds quickest eater
rushing through your meals, eating at your dashboard,
snacking on the go, not tasting your food properly……..


This could be  stopping you making the
progress you want.

Make an effort this week to slow down

& cut down your portion sizes – just slightly

If you are eating super clean KSFL style,
Sticking to the plan & not quite where
you want to be
then let’s ,

Slow it all right down.

You probably won’t eat anywhere near as much.

So lets make a pledge today & stick to the



I’d love to know what you think
about the KSFL™ Best Practices?

Tweet me @RachelHolmes

Love to hear from you

Happy Monday

Love Rachel xxx


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