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Michelle transformed with KSFL

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Meet Michelle who transformed her appearance, improved her asthma and totally got rid of eczema with the help of KSFL and Josie at the Sweatshop Gym.

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In September 2015 I started my KSFL journey, well it actually began in August, I would watch Rachel’s videos and check in daily on periscope for my daily inspiration and to get myself in a changed mindset. So when September came and I started my 21 day detox I was fuelled, ready and motivated!
This all came about after years of ‘dieting’. As a dance teacher I’ve never really had issues with my weight (I thought I was overweight but that’s what comes with spending all in day in front of the mirror!) and fuelled my body mainly on pasta and potatoes. Then in 2010 I fractured my knee and spent 10 months on crutches, leaving 4 stone overweight and unhappy, since then I’ve yo-yoed going to various diet clubs, losing weight but never keeping it off.
This summer my asthma retuned after 6 years, along with that came eczema and ultimately more weight gain, unhappiness and lots of lethargy. I felt so horrid about myself I didn’t apply for a job because I was so ashamed of my body and the judgements I thought people would make. This is where I made the decision to make a big change. I started watching Rachel Holmes after Josie at Sweatshop Gym told me about her, then to my relief Josie said we was getting KSFL at the gym!
I’ve now lost 1 stone 9.5lbs, 20inches from my body and dropped from a size 16-18 to a good size 12. My eczema vanished within 2 weeks, I sleep well, I’m more energised and whilst the asthma is still there it’s a lot better! I’m amazed at the transformation, this is not another yoyo diet but is my way of life. I’ve still got some weight to loose but I am the smallest I’ve been since my injury and fit into all of my ‘pre-injury’ clothes, something I never thought possible! Without Josies help and support I don’t know if I would have managed but her constant belief in not only KSFL but also me has made the difference.
I’m now starting ‘part two’ of my KSFL journey, aiming to lose a further 1stone 6lbs over the next 12 weeks only this time my husband will be joining me!


Thanks Michelle for your inspiring story!

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