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Every week we ask our Kick Start Franchisees to nominate a special member that has been shining in their classes and open the vote to the public to find the winner! The winner then receives a prize and certificate in the post to thank them for all of their hard work!


Here are this week’s Kick Start Member Of The Week nominations:

Voting closes 26/8/16


Joanne Tyrell KSFL Adstock

joanne joanne2

I nominate J.Morris

“The rigorous exercise that would normally accompany the KickStart eating plan was not suitable for me so instead, on Joanne’s advice, I simply walked briskly for 30 minutes most days and continued with my weekly Pilates class. I lost 2.4kg in the first week without feeling any tiredness or cravings. After three months of steady weight and inch loss, with changed eating habits based on KickStart recipes, I lost 15.5kg, exceeding my goal. My sleep and energy levels have improved dramatically. Oh… and I’ve got my waist back! Thank you Joanne for your advice, praise and encouragement!”
J. Morris (Age 62)


Kim Jenkins KSFL Coleshill

adam kat

I nominate Kat & Adam

My Couple Kat and Adam Dockerty started the KSFL 28 Day VIP Detox Programme. Here’s what they had to say…

“Myself and my husband Adam are really enjoy KSFL and are thrilled to see such instant impact!

Before starting KSFL I would have weetabix for breakfast and then Basically graze all day because I don’t have time to stop for lunch- id have biscuits, crisps, an apple and a banana everyday, sometimes a yoghurt too. Then dinners were varied but were often easy fixes and would include chips or rice or pasta.

Adam would have bran flakes with raisins a mid morning banana and then walk to the shop for lunch, he would have a sandwich or a pasty.
We would both have chocolate in the evening, like a share bag or a £1 share bar.

I was a little worried about starting the Detox because of not liking the food and being hungry also a fear of not being able to resist sweet treats

However, since being on the KSFL detox we have been full enough not to want to snack and not had a sweet tooth like we usually do.

Our results so far in as little as 2 weeks

Me: lost 9lb and 5 inches
Adam: lost 4 lb and 6.5 inches

This makes us feel really good in ourselves, less sluggish and are enjoying our food.”


Natalie Hill KSFL Gibraltar

jen poole

I nominate Jen Poole

Jenn Poole wrote in January – “I am in complete shock this morning. What has taken me for years and never achieved through all the different diets I have tried I have achieved in 2 and 1/2 months on KSFL. I could never go under 85kg and when I set myself the goal of getting under 80kg I envisaged months of really hard work. Well it wasn’t! I now weigh 79.9kg!!!!!Except for the first week on detox I have quite enjoyed doing it no headaches, no hunger and lots more energy. This week on detox I have lost another 2.7kg that is a total weight loss of 8.1kg since 1st November till now with Xmas in between. I am soooo happy. Thank you Natalie Hill for bringing this to Gibraltar. You have helped me achieve a life long dream no amount of thanks could ever express what this means to me. It’s amazing feeling one I never thought in my wildest dreams would be possible”
March Update – Jenn Poole now is at a size 12 and lost even more weight and inches!

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