Calling All Women Over 35 Who Are Ready To Improve All Aspects Of Their Life?

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My group is growing and I’d love YOU to get involved


Month 1 Starting from the very beginning
and putting the health foundations in place.

Daily coaching with me.

BONUS Programmes:

7 Day Detox
21 Day Home Workout Programme
Fitness Pilates Boutique
2 Unite Classes Mixing Fitness Pilates & Freestyle Fitness Yoga

YES! I’m ready to join Kick Start Elite 35 TODAY…
Welcome to Kick Start Elite
I’ve have been a Fitness Instructor since 1987 specialising in research the best information and research and creating programmes for everyone to access.

I have presented fitness, health and nutrition seminars all over the world and created Group Exercise programme for global giant Virgin Active and Fitness First.

In 2007 I created Kick Start Fat Loss as I have been studying nutrition in depth since 2002 and uncovered that the mainstream media, the government and even fitness training companies were not up to date with the latest fat loss and health information.
Back in 2000, as a Group Fitness Instructor teaching more than 30 classes a week you would think I would be super slim and healthy?


I was eating what I “thought” was a healthy diet of low fat and high carbohydrate BUT was getting bigger and fatter by the year.

My tummy was constantly swollen my energy levels were low and my asthma and eczema were of the scale.

Standing up in front of my classes was leaving me stressed out and I was constantly battling my weight.

Id wear baggy vest to hide my middle and although my arms and legs were toned my tummy was always bloated.

Low calorie, low fat diets were making me bigger not smaller I couldn’t possibly exercise any more than I was.

My eczema was rampant I would be scratching and itching my way through classes.

YET…I was following all of the healthy recommendations of the time.
It did not make any sense.

But as my fitness career took my around the world many other Fitpros and clients were all experiencing the same thing. (Maybe you have too?)

What was going wrong.

It wasn’t adding up.

If me as a Fitness Professional with all my training and education couldn’t find optimum health how on earth could my clients and friends?
So I began what has become my life work. I began to seriously research, look at studies on Pubmed, go to more conferences and seek out the best authorities to learn from.

I non stopped researching and went on a journey of self discovery, not only to get into better shape but clearing my Asthma and Ecema, feeling share, never being sick, or having colds or coughs with boundless energy.

I unlocked the secrets through nutrition, personal development and a lust for life long learning.

Now at 46 I know what are the keys to health, weight management, wellness and happiness.

Its not just Nutrition but Hormonal health, Brain Function, Sleep, Gut Health, Mediation, Personal development and catching and KS ELITE 35 is the culmination of my knowledge TO DATE in months actionable steps.

You see, anybody can give you a diet sheet.

Anyone can give you an exercise programme.

But its the underlying foundations that will build you sustainable and long lasting results.

Kick Start Elite 35 is my personal mission to bring the very latest information to all 35 plus WOMEN who want more.
YES! I’m ready to join Kick Start Elite 35 TODAY…

Your Monthly Kick Start Elite 35 Includes

•Private Facebook Group
(Value £9.97)
We have the FREE and private Facebook group packed with ideas, coaching and updates for the programme just for kick Start Elite 35 Members
•Monthly Live Webinar Training
(Value £49.97)
Every month I bring all Kick Start Elite 35 members an exclusive training webinar where we go deeper on certain subjects and I coach you even more to create greatness.

Each webinar runs between 60–90 minutes and is held on the third week of the month; you’ll have homework for each training session to make sure you get the most out of this coaching time.
Access To The Kick Start Vault
(Value £49.97)
•You’ll have access to the Kick Start Foundational modules of training and nutrition that I’ve put together delivered via video, to teach you the fundamentals of living the Kick Start lifestyle. This Including’s – 21 Day Home Workout Programme for all levels and abilities, 7 Day Juice Detox Plan, Kick Start Your Sleep, Recipes and meal Ideas, The Fitness Pilates Wellness and Vitality Boutique Programme

YES! I’m ready to join Kick Start Elite 35 TODAY…

PLUS DAILY COACHING FROM ME every day in the group and with monthly webinars.


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