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Jayne from KSFL Huddersfield looks so vibrant and bright after her 5 week transformation; so we thought we would delve a little deeper into how she found KSFL behind the scenes!

1.How was your lifestyle/ diet before KSFL?

My lifestyle and diet before KSFL, was far from ideal.

I did attend three Zumba classes per week but didn’t have the energy for great class delivery due to my size and eating regime. My diet was sugar loaded with lots of snacking, I enjoyed crisps and cakes and confectionary in abundance and would skip meals to snack at times!
2.How did you find Anne’s classes?

Anne is my Zumba Instructor who introduced me to a different way of eating and approaching food and making healthier choices.
3.What was the hardest change?

I suffer from Coeliac Disease so already excluded wheat/gluten from my diet, but I totally removed caffeine (tea, usually a dozen cups a day with milk and artificial sweeteners), all dairy, all starchy carbs and of course sugar! The final option, sugar was tough, gosh did I crash on my detox!
4.What was the easiest change?

The easiest change, that’s hard to quantify other than to say with previous weight loss plans I have always had to portion control and weigh food, with KSFL there was none of that which was fabulous.
5.What is your top quick KSFL meal?

KSFL meal – I love the Brussell Sprouts, Butternut Squash and Turkey Bacon Dish, this is yum, i usually add salad and sometimes more lean turkey.
6.Top KSFL breakfast?

KSFL breakfast – I leave the house for work at 6am so want something fast, most days I enjoy a spinach omelette with smoked salmon.
7. What change did you feel in your health?

The biggest change in my health is less pain on my joints such as my knees and hormonally, wow, amazing little or no hot sweats/night sweats, better sleep pattern, it just keeps getting better, love it.
8.What change did you feel in your fitness?

A huge increase in my fitness levels, not as out of breath, I’ve re-introduced cycling as well as Zumba and also found Pilates to improve my core muscles.
9.Will you be carrying on the programme?

I hope to carry on with the programme, my addiction to sugar at the moment is quelled, I do stray from the path occasionally at the weekend, but Monday to Friday I stick to the programme religiously.
10.Any other comments?

Thank you KSFL for helping me get back on track, understand food and it’s benefits at a higher level than previously and helping me get back on my bike after an 18month abstinence


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jayne!


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