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Results from our KSFL clubs this week

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This week we have seen some fantastic results from our clubs and wanted to share the good news:

“After working thru till i fell into bed at midnight feeling exhausted and fed up (no oven or hobtop for 2 1/2 weeks 🙁 ) I Remembered i hadnt weighed in last night. Ive gone over my 2 stone loss since January 18th 😀 Yayyyyy. And more importantly as a serial yo-yoer i havnt managed to get past this mark for 10 yrs – or more 😀 Woop de doo! ” KSFL Warlingham


Lourdes Piri KSFL Gibraltar:
“I started my weight loss journey in October of last year. Since then I’ve lost 12 kgs and 41 cms overall. I consider KSFL a way of life not a diet. I have fallen off the wagon a few times (if not more) but seeing the results, has given me a sense of motivation to get back on track which I have never had before.”

“Really pleased today to meet with my consultant today to let him know that through diet I have fixed the problems that he has been scratching his head about for two years! ?? He was thrilled and both him and his nurse both commented how well I looked and congratuated me on my achievement. ??” KSFL Warlingham

claire results Claire KSFL Wiltshire

noemiThis is Noemi KSFL Gibraltar:
“Hi here are my before and after to date pics. Total lost from October 13.2kg and loads of centimeters. I Stopped in December as went on various holidays and Christmas was in between so went off track and gained weight. I them restarted in January and i have now lost all i put on plus a bit more. I Still have a long way to go but im in no hurry. I enjoy my meals and feel better with myself and the Best thing is that 3 out of 4 in my family eat Ksfl food so it’s also made a good impact on them. Looking forward to continue my long journey and thx for this wonderful support group.
Enjoy ur weekend and stay clean. ”


Well done to our KSFL teams!

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