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Are you still trying to lose weight and seem to have hit a standstill?

As an advocate of cooking from scratch, eating organic and choosing all of the so-called “right foods” plus training hard every day, running my business etc……my own weight and size fluctuates all of the time.

It can be so frustrating when you are feeling inflammed and bloated with brain fog and not seeing the results, despite all of your hard work and efforts.

We are all trying to squeeze more and more into our days and juggling more things then ever before.

With all the will in the world – shopping, food prep, being organised with your meals can take hours and even though we KNOW how important it is when you are juggling so many other things it often just slides down the priority list.

Since we launched the Food Boxes 3 weeks ago it has been revolutionary for so many people.

Just having all of your meals cooked and prepped and delivered once a week gives you back HOURS of buying food, thinking about food, cooking food, planning food, packing food up to take on the go…. its never ending.

Our Kick Start Kitchen food is tasty and filling and the menus are varied and satisfying.

The emails coming in from clients have been 5 – 9lbs in week 1 lost and inches, diminished bloating and feeling so much happier and back in control.

Recently my personal life changed dramatically 🙂 and I know without having the Food Boxes my nutrition would of gone totally out of the window.

We are planning a Toddler Food Box, Juice and Soup Box and 7 Main Meals PLUS a new healthy MOMS Box for Post Natal Moms who are so rushed of their feet with a new born –  which is endorsed by good friend and expert Jenny Burrell.

So do check out the menus and order before Sunday night for the THURSDAY delivery and get back hours of time and the results you really want.

Have a wonderful day.

Love Rachelxxxhttp://www.kickstartfatloss.net/kitchen/


Enjoy the weekend knowing your food is arriving next THURSDAY!!


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