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Suzanne’s Amazing Lift Lean Results Kings Lynn

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Kick Start Kings Lynn have been on their Lift Lean programme with fantastic results!


Here is Suzanne who wanted to share her story:

“Well what can I say this has completely changed me… up until 4 months a go I was one the most fussiest people you would have met you would have never seen a onion veg or anything green on my plate let alone enjoying eating it! Since I started I have gained so much and lost so much 2! In 12 weeks I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes gain muscle and totally changed my outlook on food! Besides all of that I’ve been apart of an amazing group of people and the support was amazing 😘❤️😘”

Suzanne who’s achieved -5.3kgs, -4.9% body fat, -7.5 inches in our 12 week Plan.

A big well done to the team!

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