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Do You Want It Faster?

  The Magic Bullet….. In 2014 we want everything quick. Quick Quick Quick Fast Fatloss Fast Food Fast 30min HIIT workouts Fit by Friday “Just give me the facts fast Rach so I can lose weight/be thinner/be fitter/fit more into my day/be more productive,create a new business…..NOW” Everyone wants it NOW & So quick. Fast

Summer Fitness & Fatburning Tips

How have you been getting on this week with your nutrition? Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing, Fatloss tips, Home Workouts, Positive Self Love, Affirmations & Happy Lifestyle Updates     Has the hot sunny days got you reaching for the Ben & Jerrys, Pimms &

Have You Caved?

Hows your nutrition going today? Are you eating clean, banished the sugar, drinking clean fresh water & loading up on the seasonal green veg? Did you start your day with a healthy protein rich lunch style breakfast? What about your HIIT Workout did you “SMASH IT” Or ^^^^^^^^Has your “inner terrorist” fired that machine gun

Are YOU Stuck In A RUT?

Do you feel a bit “stuck” in a rut, maybe it’s a class, your nutrition, your fitness, or the daily grind & work projects that’s got you swimming in soup. I think its the sunshine. As soon as the sun comes up & the day’s are longer I want to be doing everything & anything

Too Busy Being Busy Busy Busy – Stop the Chaos

Busy Busy Busy Everyone is soooo busy being busy. That’s all I’ve heard this week from everyone around me AND That voice in my own head. Rushing about at break neck speed. Cramming business, work, filming, writing, creating, inspiring, teaching, socialising, meeting deadlines, eating & sleeping into every single day! It’s been a constant mantra:

Have You Wobbled A Bit On The No Sugar Challenge?

We are on a roll with the No Sugar challenge! Even if you had a few wobbles, keep getting back on track. Those pesky sugar cravings are INTENSE. Sugar actually changes your brain chemistry. So, don’t panic if you find it tough & you are feeling the withdrawal effects . Depending on your personality type

KSFL No Sugar Challenge Rules

Join my FREE 7 DAY HOME HIIT Workout Challenge ARE YOU IN? Join my KSFL NO Sugar Monday Challenge Here are the rules for today’s challenge: 1. No sweets, cakes, pastries or obvious sugars! 2. No PROCESSED FOOD – no packets, crisps, jars or ready meals! 3. NO ALCOHOL! No fizzy drinks …just water, fruit

Are You Addicted To Sugar?

What’s your take on sugar?   Do you think your addicted?   Do you experience out of control cravings, that no matter how much will power you have send your driving to the 24 hour TESCO at 11pm for a chocolate fix?   If you stop & go cold turkey find all your can think

Be a Tall Poppy

It’s Monday. It’s SUPER SUNNY as well! (Well, it is here on the Notts/Derby boarder) Are you ready to grab Monday by the scruff of the neck & go big? Yes? Very Good. Here’s a little motivation to gently push you in the upwards direction. Take stock of the choices you’ve made in the last

How to Lose Belly Fat

Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing, Fatloss tips, Home Workouts, Positive Self Love, Affirmations & Happy Lifestyle Updates  How to Lose Belly Fat It’s the one area WE all want to constantly improve. It is so true that abs are made in the kitchen so here