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Is Sugar Making You Fat?

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Day 2 #Sugar FreeSeptember (1)

Staying on the sugar free tip,

I’ve been
pulling up some fascinating sugar
research that
will make a real difference to your lifestyle.
Do you ‘THINK” you are
eating “healthy” & doing your best nutrition

Are you finding that you are…….

a: Not getting the results from your diet & fitness plan?

b: Constantly suffering with niggly
medical complaints/issues?

c: Suffering with niggly injuries?

d: Finding stress is piling up on you?

e:Insatiable sweet cravings that become

f: Piling on weight?

Is this you?

Hidden sugars & sugars you think are good,
& sweeteners probably, are contributing
MASSIVELY to all of the above.

1: Sugar Makes You Fat

The more you eat, the more you want.
Eat lots of sugars in any form,

or things that turn into
sugars very quickly in your body, like refined carbohydrates
& you end up dealing with constant cravings for

sugary pick-me-ups & end up eating sugary foods all day long.

 If you do that for long enough, you’ll find yourself
needing to eat every couple of hours just to feel normal in your mood and energy

2: It keeps You Fat

Keep over-eating sugar & your pancreas will start
overproducing the hormone insulin in an attempt to keep your
blood sugars at a safe level.
All that extra insulin will keep your hunger triggered &
block your body’s natural ability to release fatty acids to
be burned. 
Insulin tells your body to turn sugar into fat, to store that fat,
& to hang onto it for dear life.

3: It’s inflammatory.

Regular sugar consumption can lead to or
worsen chronic inflammation in your body.
Chronic inflammation can negatively impact
the functioning of your immune system, & is associated with

multiple serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

4:Booze makes you fat.
The sugar in alcohol is absorbed even faster
than the sugars in foods.
We get distracted by its ability to relax us, but functionally
alcohol is a sugar.
Let me know what you think about sugar and if
you think it is impacting your lifestyle.
If you need help smashing the sugar addiction
head over to the KSFL #SugarFreeSeptember challenge
over on Facebook.com/KickStartFatLossHope this all helps in your healthy lifestyle quest
Let me know

Happy Tuesday
Love Rachel xx

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