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Be a Tall Poppy

It’s Monday. It’s SUPER SUNNY as well! (Well, it is here on the Notts/Derby boarder) Are you ready to grab Monday by the scruff of the neck & go big? Yes? Very Good. Here’s a little motivation to gently push you in the upwards direction. Take stock of the choices you’ve made in the last

How to Lose Belly Fat

Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing, Fatloss tips, Home Workouts, Positive Self Love, Affirmations & Happy Lifestyle Updates  How to Lose Belly Fat It’s the one area WE all want to constantly improve. It is so true that abs are made in the kitchen so here

Are YOU a People Pleaser?

Get a First Class Ticket On The JUST SAY NO TRAIN! Are you a people pleaser? Are you struggling to get on the “JUST SAY NO” Train & is it having an effect on your fitness, health, business, Life & SANITY? Do YOU see yourself as an assertive person? But, do you find yourself saying

Need some Motivation

Everyday gives us the opportunity to grow. Everything that happens during the space of 24 hours gives us an opportunity to flex our positivity muscles. Even the most challenging circumstances gives us the chance to become a more evolved human being. If you get stuck then listen to your inner guide. This 100% takes times