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NEW Podcast Episode Do You Struggle To Sleep?

Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep? Whenever I ask this at my talks, workshops and online groups; the majority of women tell me that they do NOT! Most struggle to either get to sleep or wake up regularly seeing 1am/2am/3am! I discuss my top tips for improving sleep and if the menopause

Are You Committed To Your Healthy Eating Lifestyle?

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop its an easy excuse to hibernate, stop exercising and eat comfort food. You might do that for a week which then rolls into a month. Then its Christmas…. and getting your mojo back post Christmas seems like mountain to climb. So today COMMIT. Give yourself a

Cytoplan Supplements

  Supplements are a great addition to a healthy eating lifestyle ensuring you get everything you need and even improving your sleep and wellbeing.  This month I tried these Cytoplan supplements: Wholefood Multi, Krill Oil, Acidophilus Plus and Biofood Magnesium, here is what I thought: Acidophilus Plus “Acidophilus Plus contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus and 8 further

Michael Dale’s unexpected journey

This is a fantastic story from KSFL member Michael Dale with Sindy Matthew KSFL Banbury. The before and after pictures show just how hard he has worked to get where he is and he couldn’t be happier with the results: My name is Michael Dale and I have been a Kick Start Fat Loss member

After a health scare Hazel turned to KSFL and has lost 4 stone

After having a health scare in 2014 the light switch went on for full time working mum Hazel Tynan. She was leading a stressful life commuting 100 km a day and studying for exams. Despite all that we are very proud to say that Hazel has surpassed her goals and has lost an amazing 4

Cathy’s KSFL transformation story

When Cathy started KSFL with Natalie Hill in Gibraltar she was aching, tired and depressed… now after sticking to the clean eating lifestyle and with the support from KSFL she is fighting fit and back on track enjoying her life again! Here is Cathy’s story – I had been putting on weight since last Christmas, I

Carlie’s KSFL Story- How KSFL Helped With M.E

KSFL Banbury’s Carlie Goode has struggled with M.E for many years now which has really affected her life and with no treatment available she had to find something to help! Carlie has had some amazing results with KSFL and wanted to share her story to inspire others. Before              

KSFL Orpington launch night

It was like a MONSOON outside but that did not dampen the spirits of Francesca Flin and the team at KSFL Orpington! The team were fantastic and got the place ready just in the nick of time as the guests started flooding in! The Clean food was fantastic, there were recipe books, coconut oil and

Michelle Jermy’s KSFL Launch Thetford

Yesterday saw the launch of KSFL Thetford with the wonderful Michelle Jermy! On arrival we could see straight away the amount of effort Michelle and her team had put in… goody bags on each chair, a fantastic spread of clean food, loads of great prizes in the raffle including beauty treatments and photoshoots and a

Kick Start Fat Loss member loses 8 stone and feels great.

22 months ago you would of found an unhappy and unfit 18 stone 7lb Lynette Culverwell. The mum of one from Lowestoft had spent countless years calorie counting and  following low fat diets in an attempt to lose weight. Whilst attending a Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) open evening, Lynette heard from founder and creator