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Supplements are a great addition to a healthy eating lifestyle ensuring you get everything you need and even improving your sleep and wellbeing. 

This month I tried these Cytoplan supplements: Wholefood Multi, Krill Oil, Acidophilus Plus and Biofood Magnesium, here is what I thought:

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Acidophilus Plus
“Acidophilus Plus contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus and 8 further live native bacterial strains, plus a small amount of prebiotic. This blend of native bacterial strains is designed to have activity throughout the whole GI tract.”
Price: £16.80 available here

The Acidophilus Plus is intended for the digestive system and gut, this was easy to take however I didn’t feel much change with this product and I don’t think I would be using it again.


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Krill Oil

“Krill are the most bioeffective natural sources of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids EPA/ DHA; Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant and Choline, an essential neurotransmitter. Krill Oil nutrients can help manage cholesterol and provide powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Research and studies support Krill Oil as having recognised physiological action”

Size: 60 Capsules
Price: £29.30 available here

Omega 3 is so important for your brain health and much more. If you struggle to eat your fish then this could be perfect for you!


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Wholefood Multi
Wholefood multivitamin and mineral supplement made from minerals that have been hydroponically-grown into a cruciferous vegetable resembling broccoli. Ideal for adults and children (12 years plus) in an easy-to-take daily capsule and including antioxidants, Vitamin D and GTF Chromium.
Price: £15.30 available here

These are easy tablets to take and great for ensuring you are getting all of the vitamins you need in your diet. If you want to go for just one supplement I would go for this one as it has a good amount of key vitamins and minerals.


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Biofood Magnesium
Biofood Magnesium tablets are effectively an organic matrix form of magnesium, complete with natural amino acid carriers to ensure transport to sites of need within the body. Biofood Magnesium is 100mg per tablet potency and combined in a probiotic culture.
Price: £18.10 available here

I swear by Magnesium in helping sleep and this product is brilliant. You will find after just a few weeks of using it your sleep will be much better and you will feel better in the mornings too!


I hope you found this post helpful!

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