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It was like a MONSOON outside but that did not dampen the spirits of Francesca Flin and the team at KSFL Orpington!

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The team were fantastic and got the place ready just in the nick of time as the guests started flooding in!

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The Clean food was fantastic, there were recipe books, coconut oil and Flin’s Fitness merchandise on offer as well as stalls with information on Breast Cancer and Emotional eating… Fran really had everything covered!


The night began with a talk from Fran who welcomed everyone in.

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There was then a talk from the emotional eating coach, then it was Rachel’s turn to introduce KSFL.

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There were lot’s of great questions from the audience and some real interest in how clean eating could benefit them. Then it was WORKOUT TIME!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.38.03Overall a fantastic evening had by all!


For more information on Flin’s Fitness please visit her website HERE. 


Or to find a KSFL club near you CLICK HERE


Here is the video of the evening:

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