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Cathy’s KSFL transformation story

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When Cathy started KSFL with Natalie Hill in Gibraltar she was aching, tired and depressed… now after sticking to the clean eating lifestyle and with the support from KSFL she is fighting fit and back on track enjoying her life again!


Here is Cathy’s story –

I had been putting on weight since last Christmas, I was hardly doing any exercise at all and I had lost all motivation to do so, every Monday I started a diet, but it never lasted the whole week. I would weigh myself weekly and the scales wouldn’t budge, and I would get depressed and annoyed with them, I even used to think that they weren’t working properly, and I needed to change the battery!! I hated shopping too, nothing would fit. I remember I had to buy myself something for an occasion and I had to buy a larger size and I thought this is it, I cannot continue like this, I decided enough was enough and I had to do something. I was unhappy, depressed and didn’t like the way I looked. All this excess weight was affecting my health. My body ached, I couldn’t bend down or stand up without feeling pain in my joints, I was tired and lethargic and most importantly I couldn’t keep up with the grandchildren.

Some work colleagues had been talking about a detox that they were doing with Natalie and as I could see their progress, I became interested and I thought I would give it a try, so I joined Natalie’s Facebook group and I haven’t looked back since.

Natalie introduced me to a 2 week detox plan on the 29 June. I weighed 83 kilos when I started – 10 kilos too many. My first aim was to set myself a target. I didn’t set myself a time target, my aim was to lose the 10 kilos gradually, healthily and consistently. I then went food shopping and bought all my vegetables, chicken and fish and all the food that Natalie had recommended. I cleaned out my larder or sugary and processed foods and filled it will all my new groceries. I had to eat lots of protein and green vegetables, (it’s a good thing I enjoy eating vegetables!) I wasn’t allowed any snacking between meals, had to eat three meals and day and drink lots and lots of water and most importantly I had to exercise.

I didn’t mind the exercise, I have always been very active, I used to play basketball many, many years ago, go to aerobics classes and I enjoy jogging, but changing my eating habits and adjusting to something so new and different was going to be difficult for me.

I gave it a go. I planned my meals and an exercise program. I realised the only time I could do my exercise was in the morning, as I was already going to the beach with the grandkids and I didn’t feel like exercising in the evenings. For my first workout, I woke up at 6.00 am and by 6.15 I was in my sitting room, working out on a youtube fitness channel I had subscribed to. I was absolutely mad. I used to think that people who woke up at 6.00 to exercise were mad, and now here I was doing the same!!

I then had my protein rich breakfast. I would usually have a bowl of cereals or tea and toast with jam every morning, so at first it was hard to adjust to this new breakfast of eggs, bacon and even vegetables! Lunch and dinner was also a protein rich meal. The first few days were challenging. Not been able to snack or have any fruit wasn’t easy. Natalie would always encourage and motivate us on the Facebook group and that helped tremendously. As the days went by, preparing new meals was becoming easier, as was my eating patterns. I noticed that I wasn’t hungry between lunch and dinner and realised that I didn’t need a snack. I thought tea-time would be bad, it was to start off with, but I very soon became accustomed to not having anything at tea-time. I was actually enjoying this new “diet”. I soon realised that this wasn’t a “diet” but a new way of life. I started seeing results quite soon and by the end of the two weeks I had lost 3 kilos. I was really pleased and surprised. I was also losing inches. This gave me the motivation I needed to carry on.

After the two week detox, I was on my summer holidays, and my husband was on leave, so I had a little bit of a fall back. I put on 1 1/2 kilos again! On the 27th July I then started a KSFL Summer Survivor Plan with Natalie again encouraging us and giving us lots of tips and advice. I was really determined to lose what I had put on plus what I still needed to lose. So I continued with my clean eating and exercising early in the morning. Instead of waking up at 6.00, I gave myself an extra hour in bed and woke up at 7.00 and did my exercise. I would feel great and still do feel great after my morning exercise. It was now a way of life, one which I enjoyed, I was losing weight and I was becoming happier and happier.

At times I cheated badly. At first I felt guilty about doing this, but then I realised there was nothing wrong with having a bad day and I shouldn’t beat myself up thinking about this, I had to make sure that I got back into it the following day. I don’t feel guilty if I have a bad day, but I do feel guilty if I don’t exercise.

By the end of the month detox I had lost 3 1/2 kilos. I was beginning to feel great, my joints didn’t ache, I wasn’t feeling tired and I was able to be the crazy nanny and run around and play with my grandchildren again! My exercise routine was improving and I was becoming fitter. I could now fit into my clothes comfortably and I now didn’t take it out on my poor scales, I treat them well now and I love them. I have continued with my clean healthy eating and I have lost another 2 kilos (6 kilos in total) and I have another 4 to go.

Going out for a meal was daunting at first, I was tempted to eat the bread roll, which I did, and then have a dessert, until I realised I didn’t need to. I eventually had the same frame of mind as if I were eating at home, and I gave up these temptations. There are many restaurants which adapt to your needs. I now ask if I could have vegetables or salad instead of rice or chips, and they do cater for you.

I would like to give you some advice –

This is a long road, you will not get results overnight, it won’t be easy but eventually it will be worth it. You have to be determined, motivated and persevere, have loads of willpower and sacrifice yourself. It’s up to you, no-one can do it for you and no-one will. Never give up, it’s very easy to do so, but keep on striving. You will be tempted by family and friends to eat that cake or having that extra serving but you have to be strong and resist. You are you and you have your own mind and YOU decide what you eat, don’t let anyone do that for you. When I feel like having that piece of cake, it will be my decision and I will not feel guilty about doing so. It hasn’t been easy for me either, but I always have my target weight in my mind and I look forward to reaching it, and that is what keeps me going. When I set my mind to something I will carry on until the end. I don’t give up!!

I have achieved so much in 2 1/2 months. I have gained confidence, I wouldn’t be here talking to all of you, believe you me, as I said I am very shy and I have no idea how I have done this today, that’s what the KSFL plan has done to me. I feel comfortable and happy in the way I look.

I feel I had to share my experiences with you all and say all this to encourage you all. Just one more thing, if I can do it, anybody can, I am not that young, I turned 53 last Friday, but I feel young and I plan to continue with my exercise and clean eating for many more years to come and stay healthy and fit.

Thank you all and thank you Natalie for all that you have done for me, you have been my inspiration.

A massive thank you to Cathy for her story it really is inspirational!

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See Natalie’s website if you live in Gibraltar and want to make a change for a better and healthier lifestyle.

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