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There are so many foods that help anxiety, but also that contribute to it and it is all about knowing what is going to HELP you.

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I’d LOVE to hear from you as anxiety is such a big topic.


What are anxiety disorders?


We all experience occasional feelings of anxiety, worry and fear this is totally normal.


If you have an anxiety disorder, these feelings are more noticeable and difficult to live with.


They can make you feel as though things are worse than they actually are.



Symptoms of anxiety include:


Feelings of dread, panic or ‘impending doom’,


Feeling on edge or irritable,

Heightened alertness,

Difficulties sleeping,

Changes in appetite,


Difficulties concentrating,

Depersonalisation, and
wanting to escape from the situation you are in.

You might also experience physical symptoms, which can include:


Heavy and fast breathing,

Hot flushes or blushing,

Dry mouth,


Hair loss,

Fast heartbeat,

Dizziness and fainting,

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stomach aches and sickness.




So what foods are best and worst for anxiety?


AVOID at all costs:

Processed foods, fried foods, high glycemic carbs, unrefined sugars, coffee and alcoholic beverages.




Magnesium rich foods, Blueberries, Acai Berries, Almonds, Raw chocolate, Maca Root and anything with magnesium, vitamin B12 (and other B vitamins), zinc, and antioxidants can be beneficial for helping you deal with stress and anxiety.

Green veg, Good fats, Lean protein.



Have you tried Meditation?


You can download my app Kick Start Fat Loss

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Anxiety is so very common these days

and getting your nutrition on point can really



I’d love to hear from you if anxiety issues bother you


Happy Monday


Love Rachel xxx






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