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jenny“Let me introduce myself my name is Jenny, I’m 43 years old and a busy mum! I’ve spent the last 10 years spreading around my middle I’ve always worked out a lot and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t shift that weight! I was also in denial about my diet! I cook good health family meals from scratch using Fresh local ingredients. But now realise I did a lot of mindless eating in between meals! I also had too much coffee and wine, drinking during the week, and bingeing when I went out.

I was attracted to the platinum package, hoping I would increase my energy, improve my health and of course loose that tyre around my middle. I must add I also suffer from severe asthma, hayfever,bouts of acne and eczema.

Kelly is an amazing coach, she’s so positive and encouraging, during my telephone conversation with her prior to the course I
Voiced all my concerns and she gave me such a good feeling I knew it was time to
embark on this new journey and path forward with her and KSFL

The Platinum package is a small group of 3/4 women who meet three times a week, we have a private Facebook group which I think
Is the secret to it’s success! We get to share our thoughts and worries with each other without being judged!
One night I had skipped dinner was feeling bloated my period was due – I raided the family biscuit barrel, I felt so
guilty but speaking to the group made me read it and analyse the why’s? You see I was/am an emotional eater a bored eater and a treat eater, making a cup of tea and eating two biscuits before the kettle has boiled! It takes a lot to admit that to
yourself. it made me realise it’s not my children who eat all the biscuits it was me!!!!
I know am aware of it and have I guess re-programmed myself! Kelly posted a fantastic poster up on our Facebook group about food and drink that eases period pain, it was fantastic and an instant help so the next day I ate and drank all the recommended foods and hey presto no more cramps and an easier lighter period!
KSFL meals are
really simple and quick, it does take a few weeks to get your head round it all! I went cold turkey and cut out everything alcohol, caffeine, sugar wheat etc
After three months I have the odd coffee, but I cannot stand the taste of alcohol.
Another realisation is I know who
my true friends are! God they’ve given me hassle about not drinking but I
was the one still dancing at 3am!
After a few weeks i had a set back, I sprained my ankle and couldn’t train the ladies in my group gave me great tips and advice and helped me through I’m so grateful to them and Kelly.
Through the tough work-out sessions we moan and groan and encourage each other to go that extra mile!
Eating out was a bit scarey at first but I
emailed Kelly menu’s and again gave me great tips and advice, I now feel confident eating out anywhere!
Not only has Kelly introduced me to good nutrition but I have discovered a love for Pilates, didn’t think I would ever say that. Rachel is also a lovely person I haven’t met her in person but I watch her daily web chats on Facebook, she radiates positivity and warmth she also keeps it real and doesn’t preach which I have to admit was a fear of mind before embarking on this programme!
I have enjoyed learning about nutrition and food and am keen to learn more.
Finally KSFL is not a fad or a quick
fix I have learned a lot about myself, working out like a crazy woman is not the answer! my skin is clear, my asthma has improved I have hardly used my emergency inhaler, (usually needed it daily) my hayfever is non-existent. I feel fitter, stronger and calmer!
Thank you Kelly Reed Banks and KSFL.


Thanks to Jenny for sharing your story with us!

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